We are putting new flooring in the kitchen and dining room and it was delivered today Steve felt bad for the delivery guy and helped him up the drive way with it.
We finally have an answer to how our new friend in the pool got there . . . Dee put it in the pool Monday night. All week going to the gym and being in the pool she managed to keep quite. During a two and half hour dinner at the Melting Pot Saturday night, she didn’t give it up. Yesterday at the pool, she showed up with a retainer (for gator’s mouth). She got us good! So much fun!! We are happy to share another picture of Alli “Dee” Gator.
Miss Samantha and I went out to a paint and glaze shop for an afternoon of painting. I kind of think it was suppose to be a couple hours of painting but turned into the afternoon. I chose a fairy house and she chose a mug to do for her Dad. After Samantha finished her cup, I was still working on the house, so she picked out a bowl to paint. The bowl was finished and I was still painting so Samantha picked out a pineapple to work on while I finished up. Did I say finished up? Not so fast . . . . she painted the pineapple and started on a ring holder for Mom. After 5 hours, a smoothie and a very patient granddaughter, the fairy house was finally finished. Miss Samantha has said I am no longer allowed to paint another fairy house! I don’t have …
Steve wrote this in an email to find out who put this fellow in our pool. So far no one has come forward. “I went out to the pool and just lost three years of my life. Wasn’t paying attention and went over to clean out overflow of pool. Looked down and there was a two plus foot baby alligator moving its tale……… Holy (&*$%&I((^*()_)(&^%**………. After I pulled my arm back, really, really fast…..I had a great laugh and said out loud “Boy you really got me” So…whoever done it, fess up and get credit for a great gift and gag. I assume a gift, let me know if you are talking it back (sad face we’ll talk)…Ha Everyone will get to see him/ her (yes we need a name). Hope everyone is having a good day and must say I sure am glad my hair is white!!!!! (now whiter)”
On Friday and Saturday night we had storms move through our area. Between the two nights we had 5 1/4 inches of rain in our rain gauge. On Saturday night the storm started about 9:30, with small wind damage in our area but parts of Kansas City had widespread wind damage and power outage. Some reports said the storms packed winds between 70-75 miles per hour with lightning, heavy rain and scattered hail. We had the rain, didn’t hear any hail. After the storm on Friday night we had lots of leaves in the pool so kind of think we had more wind then on Saturday night. Kansas city didn’t far so well with winds toppling trees, knocking down power lines and damaging homes and businesses. The severe weather canceled several events on Saturday night including Boulevardia, Funk Fest and a Willie Nelson concert. Kansas City Power & Light reported …
We have a male and female red birds that seem to have a nest in our front tree. They take turns coming for drinks. These Doves have been regular visitors to our fountain the last couple of weeks. The Robin couldn’t decide to take a bath or just sit on the water coming out of the top. Fun to watch all of them as they come and go.
We have had a lot of rain this spring with even more days of clouds than rain. Today it was about 65 and lots of sun. Hershey was enjoying being outside lying in the warm sun while he watched the cats who live behind us. With the warm weather, we have also been able to enjoy the fountain.  
As we entered Colonial/Wisteria Lane, most of us could identify the Desperate Housewives houses. But if you have watched TV shows and movies, you might recognize houses for other reasons. The houses were filmed as these family homes: Munster’s, Hardy Boys, The Burbs, Live It To Beaver, Nancy Drew, and the Matlock. Other shows/movies include: Harvey, The Little Rascals Save the Day, The House of the Seven Gables, and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Save
After driving around looking at other mansions, we arrived at Greystone Mansion & Gardens. It was completed in 1928 for the son of an oil tycoon. The City of Beverly Hills purchased the property in 1965 and became a public park in 1971. The Mansion is now used for weddings, events and filming for TV and movies (Batman’s home). The view overlooking Beverly Hills was amazing. We could pick out different place we had been during the day and a totally different look of Universal Studios from this overlook.