Our hot tub broke. We went out one night to get in and the water temp was 54 with the air temp around 40. Don, the hot tub guy, came out and said the heat pump was bad. So a new tub was in our future but first Steve decided to have a new concrete pad put down. The area where the old tubs had sat was not level and Steve was always trying to get it level. We went off on a cruise and when we got home the new pad was in place. We were really pleased with Tony’s work. So now we are ready for the new tub to be delivered.
After shopping every spar company in Kansas City, we finally found the hot tub we both like. It was funny how we search and search, there was a tub here or there that we liked for different reasons. But neither one of us were “sold” on any of them. Then we arrived at Above and Beyond and both of us agreed this was the one going home with us. It seats six and is 94″ X 94″ X 36″, holds 370 gallons of water and has 54 jets. The pumps are incredibly quiet, making the Fusion Air Sound System great for listening to music. I still haven’t figured out the Bluetooth yet but I will get there. One of the positive points to buying this one were the molded cup holders located around the tub. The spa’s lighting has a kaleidoscope of colors and the water features, waterfall and the …
Today the guys returned to finish up the fence. It seemed to go up very fast and is a beautiful fence. I didn’t get out there to take a picture of the finished fence but will post one later.
Today they delivered the lumber for the new fence around the pool. After off loading the lumber, they started taking down the old fence. Once the sections were removed they started removing the post. At one point the worker must have gotten cold. They built a fire in the can, burned the wooden steps and were huddled around the can. Once they got the post up, put a string line for the new post and started digging the new post holes.
Our burning bush finally started turning in the backyard. As the days went by it became if bright red. We went out to a pumpkin farm the other day. Kristie, Samantha and I picked out pumpkins to paint, the guys didn’t want to paint one. I just got around to taking pictures today. Kristie took pictures the day we painted them but I never got copies to share. We have been asked several times if the wine bottle in the basket on the bike was real. The answer is yes it is.
We are putting new flooring in the kitchen and dining room and it was delivered today Steve felt bad for the delivery guy and helped him up the drive way with it.
Holan found this light for Steve for his Birthday. Since we are leaving for New York and the Southern Caribbean Cruise two days before his birthday she decided to give it to him early. On the box it said “Shower your home with thousands of dazzling lights with the Star Shower laser light! The plug-in laser light that projects stars everywhere. Illuminates your home in red and green laser stars covering over 600 square feet. He was really excited and took it outside to try it out. He placed it on the ground. Then thought it might work better if it was up high, say from the gutter. He gets it placed just so and takes another look. It was just right so he reached up to adjust it. The light then fell and hit his face. This is what it looks like on a house, but we think they …
We have had 5.32 inches of rain so far in July. It’s been a very wet summer. We had just come out of a drought last summer so guess the good Lord thought we needed lots of rain. Anyway, all the plants are growing so well. The Black-eye Susans are over populating and the grasses are taking over the hill side. The grasses really look nice and have a very gently calming effect as they blow in the wind. This is the small patio area with the fire pit and behind it is a burning bush that hasn’t grown much in the last five years, but it must like all of the rain too. It has really grown! This year I painted the mail box red which is kind of bright, but it was a change from the browns and grays. The Rose of Sharon are also blooming a lot …
I don’t know why I took these photos but thought I would just post them.
When we purchased the house in June 1992, there was a small tree in the front yard. This is what the front yard looked like in the spring of 1993. As the years passed, the little tree grew, by 1997 the tree was getting large. We’ve now been in the house for 22 years. We have planted four other trees in the front yard and only two have survived. In the spring the crab apple tree produces a wonderful flower display, covering itself with fragrant white blooms.