We have a male and female red birds that seem to have a nest in our front tree. They take turns coming for drinks. These Doves have been regular visitors to our fountain the last couple of weeks. The Robin couldn’t decide to take a bath or just sit on the water coming out of the top. Fun to watch all of them as they come and go.
We have had 5.32 inches of rain so far in July. It’s been a very wet summer. We had just come out of a drought last summer so guess the good Lord thought we needed lots of rain. Anyway, all the plants are growing so well. The Black-eye Susans are over populating and the grasses are taking over the hill side. The grasses really look nice and have a very gently calming effect as they blow in the wind. This is the small patio area with the fire pit and behind it is a burning bush that hasn’t grown much in the last five years, but it must like all of the rain too. It has really grown! This year I painted the mail box red which is kind of bright, but it was a change from the browns and grays. The Rose of Sharon are also blooming a lot …
Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! We got our first snow of the winter last night. It was only about an inch but it made everything pretty. Steve shoveled the driveway instead of getting out the snow blower.
When we purchased the house in June 1992, there was a small tree in the front yard. This is what the front yard looked like in the spring of 1993. As the years passed, the little tree grew, by 1997 the tree was getting large. We’ve now been in the house for 22 years. We have planted four other trees in the front yard and only two have survived. In the spring the crab apple tree produces a wonderful flower display, covering itself with fragrant white blooms.
The grasses in the backyard blow in the wind all winter and are so pretty. On this day a light snow fell which made the blades bend. ““““““““““““““““““““
Steve had thought it was warm enough to start-up the fountains but it wasn’t when the night temps dropped to almost 32 degrees.  
This morning all these birds came flying into the front yard. It looked like a scene from the movie “The Birds.” The miniature apples from our “Adirondack” crap apple tree were ripe and following from the tree. The birds also come to eat the apples about this time. As the weeks pass, the fruit from the tree ferments. As the birds eat the fruit they become drunk and start hitting the front windows.
We have had all kinds of mushrooms growing in the front and back yards this summer. Not sure why, could have been lack of rain, cooler summer than normal or some other strange thing. They were pretty and white but don’t know if they could have been eaten.
The kids gave me a barrel of potatoes for Mother’s Day. They have bloomed and are starting to die so it must be time to harvest. At first there was just tiny potatoes. Then we started finding some larger ones.   We ended up with 14.16 pounds of potatoes. There are three different types but I can’t tell you what kinds they are. Looks like some good eating!
The birds are enjoying the fountain in the front yard. At times they seem to be fighting with each other to get their space and time in the water. The birds also fly into the window as if looking for somewhere to land and stare in to see what we are doing in the house.