Shell Waterfalls is located in the Big Horn National Forest. We had stopped at a rest stop and discovered the falls….we don’t remember it being marked on the highway but was glad we didn’t miss it.
As we travel out of Devils Tower Nation Park we saw the red sandstone and siltstone cliffs over the Belle Fourche River. During our travels we realized that picture wouldn’t do justice to the massive views we were seeing.
Devils Tower was proclaimed the first national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Devils Tower is also known as Bears Lodge, it is a sacred site for many American Indians. As we approached this it how the Tower looked, just a tiny dot in the distance. As we got closer the tiny dot became bigger. The Tower continued to get bigger until we finally arrived at the monument. When we started REALLY looking at the Tower we found some climbers. Can you find them in the picture below? They are about half way up and just right of center. A close up of the Climbers – guess they’re not afraid of heights!
Our Great American Road Trip of 2010 started with us flying into Rapid City, SD on Monday, Aug 23rd. We picked up the rental car and headed to Mount Rushmore. It was a wonderful sunny day with mild temps. Before we arrived we could see the presidents off in the distance. WHY THESE FOUR PRESIDENTS? George Washington, (1st president) led the early colonists in the American Revolutionary War to win independence from Great Britain. He was the father of the new country and laid the foundation of American democracy. Because of his importance, Washington is the most prominent figure on the mountain. Thomas Jefferson, (3rd president) he was the author of the Declaration of Independence, a document which inspires democracies around the world. He also purchased the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803 which doubled the size of our country, adding all or part of fifteen present-day states. Theodore Roosevelt, …
Dee Veltum and I went to Madame Hatter’s Tea Room in Bonner Springs for lunch. Didn’t even know there was a Tea Room in Bonner Springs!  There were decorated umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, nice layered laced table covers on the large tables and hats and tea pots every where. We had the chicken salad on croissant, cold strawberry soup, broccoli salad (Dee) and a fresh greens salad with home-made dressing (me). For dessert Dee had the Death by Chocolate cake and I had a slice of buttermilk pie. The pie had a very different crust – it was very good. Afterwards we stopped at the marble factory. The owner was doing the demo and it was a very boring demo. Of course, it was towards the end of his day so maybe he was just tired. There was an area where you could put on hats and wear them …
Isn’t she CUTE! When we went up to MN in July Ha put Sam’s hair every day.
This was taken back in July before it really got hot. The Kids started out on the stool together. Guess Hershey got hot so he got down. Pebbles sat there a while before stretching out. Hershey moved over to in front of the fan, then in front of the water bowl and finally was able to take a nap.
The kids have been playing with their toys more.   “;” alt=””> I tried to put music to this but couldn’t figure it out but will keep trying.
We went to the dog park for the second time. The first time the kids really enjoyed the park and met several very nice dogs and their owners.  Our second trip wasn’t so nice. As soon as the kids were put into the fence this big white dog . . . decides to pick Hershey up and play with him. Hershey was screaming “PUT ME DOWN!” as we tried to get him out of the dog’s mouth. He was not hurt just wet. We went to the other fenced area while the while dog hung out at the gate wanting to join us. The kids played a while but it wasn’t as much fun since all the dogs were in the other area. We took a break on one of the benches.
There is something about watermelon I can’t resist. The juicy sweet interior is just so tempting. It doesn’t matter if it is cold or warm – it is good either way. I like it plain – some like it with salt but since I don’t taste salt I can’t say this is not a good way to eat melon. I can buy the precut melon at the store and have it eaten before I get home. I bought two melons the other day. I cut one of them up and said I wasn’t going to eat it until the next morning. It was just too late to be eating it. Well, that didn’t work . . . I ate half of it before I went to bed. Needless to say I was up and down all night. But it was worth it!