This morning we got up to snow. It is a very wet and heavy snow.  More snow is on the way for this afternoon and evening.              
Spring is on our door step but so is rain, snow and cold weather. Depending on who you listen to we could get between 4-8 inches. It should start late Friday evening and continue until Sunday morning. So while you think about our incoming snow, here is a video of me hitting Samantha in the face with a snowball. I know bad Nana!!
It is finally a sunny semi-warm (54) day here in Kansas. We have had more snow than usual, as has most of the country. It’s funny how the sun can uplift your spirits, the clouds can bring you down and watching snow fall can be so peaceful. That is if you’re not in a car trying to get to Kentucky and the snow is piling up fast! This was I-64 December 2004. A seven and one half hour drive took us 14 1/2 hours to get to my Dad’s house. With 24 inches of snow covering the ground and streets, we don’t know how we managed to do it. We had to guess where the road was, to be pulled out of two ditches and at times to hang our heads out of the windows. The wind shield wipers couldn’t keep up with the snow fall. In 1996 Holan and …
Samantha loves slides! This was made in the fall at a corn maze.    
Steve and Kristie took a trip and Samantha was staying with us this week. After we dropped them off at the airport we headed for Science City. It is located in Union Station the old train station of Kansas City. We were impressed with the number of activities there are for children to do. Samantha enjoyed the water table and really didn’t like the live animals. The most electrifying part of the day was when Holan came down the tube slide. Big sparks were flying from every part of her body. It was a sight to see but wouldn’t have wanted to be experiencing it. She was so happy to get out of the slide!   Samantha, however, didn’t have any problems with the static electricity. But she did have problems with loud noises. In the restroom the motion sensor paper towel dispenser was just above the sink on the right. …
Happy New Year Message from Samantha.  
We got up this morning and headed into Cruz Bay for church and parked at Slim Man’s again. We had found Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church on Saturday. It was a very pretty located in the center of Cruz Bay. It was a neat service with very good music with bongo drums.
We checked out the lower deck on the Villa as we came back from the beach. There was a game room and three more bedrooms. Fred was enjoying the hammock until Steve decided to turn him over. We made dinner from our provisions again..
We got home from our day in Cruz Bay, put away our purchases and got ready to go down to the private beach of Beach Music. As we wandered down the path to the beach, we kept hearing things falling from the trees but couldn’t figure out what it was. On our way back up to the villa we finally realized that it was the iguana. The iguana, which is not a true lizard, are vegetarians and are often found in trees. When threatened, they escape by dropping to the ground or into water. They can fall 40-50 feet to a hard surface without injuring themselves. As we explored the beach, we found lots of shells. However, we could not bring them home. Virgin Islands law prohibits the removal of corals, shells or sand from the beaches. We were warned that any shell collections could be confiscated upon departure from …
After lunch we stopped in at Captain’s Corner for some duty-free liquor to take back to the villa. They also had a nice selection of island t-shirts, souvenirs, and cigars from all over the Caribbean. We walked back to Slim Man’s parking lot and saw this Iguana walking down the sidewalk with his banana. On the way back to the Villa we stopped at The Market Place. This is a sanctuary of retail shops, galleries, and food and dining options. The Marketplace is home to Starfish Market, St. John’s largest and best grocery supermarket, St. John Hardware, Chelsea Drug Store and much more! We purchased things we might want during the week but was very careful since the prices were extremely high. It also appeared that there was two price when we got to the cash register, one for the locals and one for tourist.