The kids have been playing with their toys more.   “;” alt=””> I tried to put music to this but couldn’t figure it out but will keep trying.
We went to the dog park for the second time. The first time the kids really enjoyed the park and met several very nice dogs and their owners.  Our second trip wasn’t so nice. As soon as the kids were put into the fence this big white dog . . . decides to pick Hershey up and play with him. Hershey was screaming “PUT ME DOWN!” as we tried to get him out of the dog’s mouth. He was not hurt just wet. We went to the other fenced area while the while dog hung out at the gate wanting to join us. The kids played a while but it wasn’t as much fun since all the dogs were in the other area. We took a break on one of the benches.
There is something about watermelon I can’t resist. The juicy sweet interior is just so tempting. It doesn’t matter if it is cold or warm – it is good either way. I like it plain – some like it with salt but since I don’t taste salt I can’t say this is not a good way to eat melon. I can buy the precut melon at the store and have it eaten before I get home. I bought two melons the other day. I cut one of them up and said I wasn’t going to eat it until the next morning. It was just too late to be eating it. Well, that didn’t work . . . I ate half of it before I went to bed. Needless to say I was up and down all night. But it was worth it!
This is before  the siding….. . . . and after.   The over hang is much better. With the new roof and new siding we don’t have the water problem at the corner. It had been rotting the corner.
Steve’s boss had a Mardi Gras Party. This is one of the dishes they served. It was really good and reminded us of a German salad. Gold Doubloons 2 lbs carrots, sliced 1 med onion, sliced in rings 1 med green bell pepper, chopped 3 ribs celery, chopped 1 (10 ½ oz) can tomato soup 1 cup sugar ½ cup salad oil ¾ cup apple cider vinegar 1 tsp dry mustard 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce Cook the carrots in salted water until tender and drain. In a bowl combine onion, bell pepper and celery and alternate in layers with carrots. Bring to boil remaining ingredients and pour over vegetable layers. Refrigerate at least 8 hours before serving. Serves 6
While the cat drinks in the front yard the squirrels and birds are snacking on corn and bird seed in the backyard. We have had cardinals, blue birds, finches and a bird that has a metallic dark blue head and neck with a black body eating also.       Today’s Abundance Time to watch wildlife in backyard Leaves popping out on the bushes Conversations on the porch
I have been working in the front yard on raised flower beds around the trees. The kids enjoy being outside and are really good about staying with me. Today’s Abundance Bricks almost making a perfect circle Cool breeze Quick chat with Richard Music on my Ipod
There is a neighborhood cat that stops by our fountain several times a day for a drink. He sets on the fountain and stares at us threw the window. I have tried several times to get a picture but the window always creates a glare. Today’s Abundance Pat calling us by mistake, she was calling Suzy to see if Suzy was sitting in front of her house while she was sitting at Public Grocery Store – made us laugh.
I was checking out some groups on Facebook the other night and found a group called know you’re from Madisonville if . . . People have posted over 300 photos of events, people and buildings. This photo a great find because it shows the Kerrick’s Fashion Mart (left side). Steve”s parents and uncle owned this store in the 1940. Before moving to 668 Suthard Drive the Kerrick”s lived over the store. Steve use to go the Cameo Theatre across the street. It cost him 25 cents for the movie, 10 for the popcorn and 5 cents for a drink.  Double click on the photo to enlarge it. This is Hopkins County Hospital, where Steve (1948) and I (1950) were born. On Sept 12, 1958 four black students entered Pride Ave. Elementary School accompanied by two Kentucky State Policemen. The police moved back the crowd of women from the school”s drive …
OK, usually I have problems with allergies when our miniature crab apple tree blooms but this is not the usual season this year. I have had enough of the itching red eyes, and the tickle on the roof of the mouth and in the back of my throat. The antihistamines are causing my head to hurt and making me irritable. Having said this don’t you think the tree causing all these problems is pretty?!?!?   Today’s Abundance Allergy pills My senses of sight and smell