Hi there! You have come into my backyard, where I do random post about family, friends, travels and anything else that might come to mind. Since I’m not much of a writer, the post are mostly photos. It’s funny that in my teenage years I took photos a lot. While a young adult, there weren’t so many photos. When digital photos entered our lives I started taking pictures again. Now I have well over 15,000 of them on my computer.

These pictures are the stories of my life, of being a daughter, wife, mother and Nana. I don’t post many pictures of my youngest daughter, she has her own blog, or of the granddaughter, she also has a blog. My oldest daughter and son-in-law don’t get many post either, they do not have a blog. But it is their right to keep their life private if they wish. Meanwhile, my husband of 44 years is fair game. So the post are mostly of our home, travels and about our lives as a military family, retired couple and a great neighborhood of friends who enjoy spending time together.

So grab a drink, get comfortable and enjoy (hopefully) the pictures and thoughts of my world.

2003 10 12 Kerrick Hill Wedding Park Phyllis & Steve