Next to our hotel was an In-N-Out Burgers. We had heard from interviews with stars after the Oscars that they were going to or had been to In-N-Out Burgers. So on our first night we stopped in to check it out. They serve up hamburgers that have not been frozen and fries from real potatoes cooked in vegetables oil and not salt. They have a small menu but they also haven a secret menu that can be found on the web. Downside to their popularity is that they are always crowded. Mobile POS systems are used during peak hours in order to help curb long drive thru lines. It was crazy how many cars were lined up. The line continued out into the street, almost causing a jam at the traffic light! We met Claudia de Vasco, she was Clementina in the recent revival of Gilmore Girls, as we all waited for our food.