We have season tickets at the Musical Theater Heritage Off Center Theater at Crown Center. Today’s production of  Hammerstein’s “South Pacific,” was wonderful. The Musical Theater is that they do not depend on huge sets, lavish costumes or action packed acts. The productions are allowed to stand on their own merely with the music, the talent of the actors a bit of dancing and a few props

. 2014 08 24 Music Theater Heritage South Pacific (6)

The back drop of the stage were panels of large palm leaves. Right in front of the palms was the eight-person orchestra, with pianos at each side of the stage. In this picture, it is hard to see but many microphones and music stands forming an arc is where all the action takes place.

2014 08 24 Music Theater Heritage South Pacific (5)

The show ran a good two hours with a 15 intermission and the time just flew! The cast made the characters come alive. Nellie’s southern accent from Arkansas was wonderful and she came across as a very sweet and lovable person with a very strong voice no matter what type song it was. The other character that I enjoyed was that of Bloody Mary. She was so funny with her exaggerated facial expressions and had a great voice. Emile was played by an actor with a rich bass baritone with a French accent.

Two little sweethearts, Julia and Janiel Balino play Ngana and Janette, the children of Emile. They only made brief appears but they were wonderful! 

I didn’t have a camera with me so these picture were taken by Rick Dodson and Tim Scott.