As we entered the lobby, through the bronze doors, the first thing we noticed was the Art Deco architecture and the carpet. It was hand-woven in China, reproduced based on swatches and images of the 1927 original. Leye Luke, from the “Kung Fu” television series, painted the two wall murals in the lobby, above the concession stand and the wall above the exit doors in the lobby. They are the original paintings and have never been touched, only lovingly cleaned and cared for each day (using scaffolding when needed).

In a side lobby there was Star Wars memorabilia, full costumes, on display In a glass display case were two tablets, props, from Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 production of “The Ten Commandments.”

.On display in the side lobby, is a wax figure, one of the three originals, and a chair, purchased in 1923 during a trip to China, that helped inspire the theatre. It is said, If you rub the face or shoulder of the lady it will bring you good luck, especially before a film production.  Also on display in the lobby, was Dorothy’s blue gingham dress by Adrian for “The Wizard of Oz”.