Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church

We got up this morning and headed into Cruz Bay for church and parked at Slim Man’s again. We had found Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church on Saturday. It was a very pretty located in the center of Cruz Bay. It was a neat service with very good music with bongo drums.

Turn Over Anyone?

We checked out the lower deck on the Villa as we came back from the beach. There was a game room and three more bedrooms. Fred was enjoying the hammock until Steve decided to turn him over. We made dinner from our provisions again..

A Private Beach on Chocolate Bay

We got home from our day in Cruz Bay, put away our purchases and got ready to go down to the private beach of Beach Music. As we wandered down the path to the beach, we kept hearing things falling from the trees but couldn’t figure out what it was. On our way back up […]

Food, Drinks Plus An Iguana

After lunch we stopped in at Captain’s Corner for some duty-free liquor to take back to the villa. They also had a nice selection of island t-shirts, souvenirs, and cigars from all over the Caribbean. We walked back to Slim Man’s parking lot and saw this Iguana walking down the sidewalk with his banana. On […]

Waterfront Bistro Lunch

We drove into town and parked at Slim Man’s parking lot. They placed the cars in the lot a strange way but it all seemed to work. As we walked around the village shops, you diffidently know that ii is time to take off your watch and slip on your flip-flops. There was no mistaking, […]

Morning Rain

All of a sudden, a dark cloud came across the bay and the rain started. It was a heavy down pour but only last about 10 minutes then the sun came out. It’s had to tell in the bottom picture but there is a rainbow.

View of the Bay from Beach Music

We got up late this morning, sat on the deck and enjoyed breakfast and the view of the bay. We have learned that the owners have named the villa Beach Music. There is a guest book for renters to log their memories and thoughts of their stay. The history was interesting to read and gave […]

98 Chocolate Hole

We decided it might be fun to rent a villa in St. John VI for a week with the Rotchfords. We traveled by plane, ferry and jeep to get to our home for a week. We flew into St. Thomas and boarded the Red Hook Ferry arriving at 10:00 pm at St. John, A person […]