Let Me Out Of Here

It was moving day and Miss Tobie, our grandcat, was not sure she liked her new home. At the new apartment, we placed her in the cloth kennel so she wouldn’t run out the door as the moving truck was unloaded. A few years before this, she had fallen asleep in the window, the screen […]

Daisy and Dagwood

Ran across this video today and it brought back memories of Dagwood and Daisy, my granddogs playing during a visit to San Antonio back in 2014. After losing their first dog, Lucky, the kids decided after a few months it was time to add a dog into their home again. They went to get one […]

Now We Can Say “Not our first Rodeo”

Today we went to the World’s Oldest Indoor Rodeo at the Fort Worth Stock Yards. And yes, it was truly our first rodeo. This was the 117th Rodeo and was held at the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum in Fort Worth. This is the last year the event will be held at Will Rogers. A new $450 […]


Hershey was sitting on the couch when he got up and went over to Holan and laid his head on her lap it. He hates sweaters but with his Arthritis in his back he has to wear them. At 14 years old, he has also started taking pain meds.

The fellow in our pool. . .

Steve wrote this in an email to find out who put this fellow in our pool. So far no one has come forward. “I went out to the pool and just lost three years of my life. Wasn’t paying attention and went over to clean out overflow of pool. Looked down and there was a […]

Finally!!! Some Sun

We have had a lot of rain this spring with even more days of clouds than rain. Today it was about 65 and lots of sun. Hershey was enjoying being outside lying in the warm sun while he watched the cats who live behind us. With the warm weather, we have also been able to enjoy […]


This is Pete, he lives across the court from us. Isn’t he cute with his sunglasses!?!?

New Store – Scheels

Holan had a new store for us to check during are trip today. Scheels opened the company’s new flagship store in Overland Park, Kansas in Corbin Park in late June and has 220,000 feet two-story building of retail shopping. Shopping is a very good word to describe this store. It has something for everyone and […]

Wandering the Neighborhood

Several people have seen this fox in our neighborhood. It was spotted by Rick and Dee while they were out walking. I saw it the other morning in our cul-de-sac. He looks as if he needs food, just hoping he doesn’t attack anyone or our dogs.  

In Jail

The day Miss Tobie moved into the new home, we placed her in a cloth dog kettle to keep her safe while things were being moving in. She was not happy and learned she could “walk” the kettle across the floor.