Homes To Many People

As we entered Colonial/Wisteria Lane, most of us could identify the Desperate Housewives houses. But if you have watched TV shows and movies, you might recognize houses for other reasons. The houses were filmed as these family homes: Munster’s, Hardy Boys, The Burbs, Live It To Beaver, Nancy Drew, and the Matlock. Other shows/movies include: […]

Batman’s Home

After driving around looking at other mansions, we arrived at Greystone Mansion & Gardens. It was completed in 1928 for the son of an oil tycoon. The City of Beverly Hills purchased the property in 1965 and became a public park in 1971. The Mansion is now used for weddings, events and filming for TV […]

A Pointy, Lopsided Roof

The Spadena House, known as The Witch’s House, is a private home with a purposefully disrepair look with a pointy, lopsided roof, tiny windows and stucco with a distressed paint job. It is surrounded by an eccentric picket fence, made of wavy, warped wooden pickets.The house was built, in 1921, as a set for a […]

A $55 Million House

In 2010, the Brody house, located at 360 S Mapleton, was sold for the first time, at just under $15 million. It was purchased by flippers, who then sold it to Ellen DeGeneres for $39,888 million. After a few months she sold it to Sean Parker, a tech billionaire, for $55 million. This is all […]

High Walls and Higher hedges

The mansions on Mapleton Drive, in the Homby Hills, are hidden behind high walls with large gates and higher hedges and are the most coveted addresses in Los Angles. With all the people driving by to get a glance of them and their houses, it is understandable that they would try to block views of […]

Around Town

As we drove around our driver pointed out buildings that included: Getty Gallery Central Library, Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA Staples Center, The Broad Contemporary Art Museum, and the last photo is a downtown street in Los Angles, The exterior of the Beverly Hill Hotel, Beverly Hills, was featured on the album cover of  The […]

Stepping Back in Time

The TCL Chinese Theatre, a.k.a. Grauman’s theatre, located on Hollywood Boulevard. The theatre rises 90-feet high and two gigantic coral-red columns topped by wrought iron masks, hold the bronze roof. Between the columns is a 30-foot high dragon carved from stone and guarding the theatre’s entrance are the two original giant Heaven Dogs brought from […]

The Dining Room

Our room was named The Dining Room, the second largest room at the manor. It had a Grand marble fireplace with intricately carved oak surrounding it. On each side of the king size bed were beautiful original leaded glass bookcase full of antique books.  The bed had castle shaped chocolates on the pillows. This room […]

1900’s Georgian Revival Farm Masion

We checked in at Belhurst Castle. We had reservations at White Springs Manor, a 1900’s Georgian Revival Farm Mansion, located 2 miles West of Belhurst Castle. As we arrived at the Manor, we had a great view of the Seneca Lake valley. After putting our bags in our room we explored the spacious veranda with […]