There is something about watermelon . . .

There is something about watermelon I can’t resist. The juicy sweet interior is just so tempting. It doesn’t matter if it is cold or warm – it is good either way. I like it plain – some like it with salt but since I don’t taste salt I can’t say this is not a good […]

A Mardi Gras Recipe

Steve’s boss had a Mardi Gras Party. This is one of the dishes they served. It was really good and reminded us of a German salad. Gold Doubloons 2 lbs carrots, sliced 1 med onion, sliced in rings 1 med green bell pepper, chopped 3 ribs celery, chopped 1 (10 ½ oz) can tomato soup […]

Food, Drinks Plus An Iguana

After lunch we stopped in at Captain’s Corner for some duty-free liquor to take back to the villa. They also had a nice selection of island t-shirts, souvenirs, and cigars from all over the Caribbean. We walked back to Slim Man’s parking lot and saw this Iguana walking down the sidewalk with his banana. On […]

Waterfront Bistro Lunch

We drove into town and parked at Slim Man’s parking lot. They placed the cars in the lot a strange way but it all seemed to work. As we walked around the village shops, you diffidently know that ii is time to take off your watch and slip on your flip-flops. There was no mistaking, […]

Dinner and Rainier Tower

We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Elliott Bay on Pier 66 at the Pike Place Market. As we were walking around the streets near the hotel we saw this building that Steve REALLY like. It was Rainier Tower a 31-story, 514.0 ft skyscraper in the Metropolitan Tract of Seattle, Washington, at 1301 Fifth Avenue. […]