Steve fired up the grill and got the burgers cooking. The bar and table were filled with food which was a good thing, everyone was hungry. Corn on the cob was a big hit with the kids, as well as the adults. Everyone was eating but no one was feeding Riley, so she nibbled on the chair.
Breakfast this morning was fries left over from lunch at KC Smoke Burgers yesterday and apple sweet roll from Rick. Samantha and Holan made deviled eggs for our cookout while Steve sliced tomatoes.
The Neighborhood went to KC Smoke Hamburgers for Memorial Day instead of cooking, this time we took the kids. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant but their smoke burgers were awesome, and the mini grill they bring your burger out on is just adorable. The buns are stamped with “KC” for a unique twist. The menu is full with all different types of burgers and there are just as many interesting appetizers and sides to go with your meal. They also serve onion rings which are wonderful.
We made Jello shots to have on the fourth. It was the first time we made them so we weren’t sure what kind to make. The internet had lots of recipes so it was had to decide but what type alcohol in the cabinet help with the decision We did four flavors: black cherry, peach, strawberry banana and orange. The peach was our favorite with the strawberry banana next. The black cherry had Red Bull energy drink in it so it was a little strange. Along with the alcohol shots we did non-alcohol for the kids and some of the adults. So we would know the difference Samantha put the black dots on the tops of the non-alcohol shots.
We gave Samantha a camera for her birthday. These are pictures she took while we in Weston, MO for lunch. I think she did a good job!
It was dinner time so we drove around Corning until we found Market Street Brewing Co. The food was good and we had some “different” drinks. After dinner, we did some shopping and picked up some wind spinners. Save
After touring local wineries, Debbie at the Black Sheep Inn recommended Snug Harbor, just outside of Hammondsport. The restaurant is located right off the shore of Lake Keuka’s. It was a quaint little restaurant built-in the 1890’s. There were several options for seating, a two-story porch, under the veranda or inside. We decide to take a table by the fireplace inside. It was a relaxing evening.
The International Motor Racing Research Center is home to one of the world’s largest archival collections of materials representing the history of amateur and professional motor racing. We were looking for a place for lunch a found Savard’s Family Restaurant on the corner of the main street. It looked as if it had once been a home that had been renovated to create the big dining area. The food was good and got us back on the road fairly quickly.
We attended a food and wine pairing dinners at Belhurst Castle and Winery with Hosmer Wine Makers. We were guided through a tasting of six Hosmer wines that had been paired with six chef-created tasting dishes. We were seated in a private dining room in the historic castle that was built in 1885. The room had windows on one side of the room with a view of Seneca Lake. The room had the original wood trim and fireplace from 1885. Aaron and Katie Roisen were our host for the evening, educating us in the history of wines from the Finger Lakes area including special tasting notes for each dish we tasted. We had a sparkling wine, followed by a roasted beet salad which was paired with a semi dry Riesling. The grilled Halibut was paired with a Pinot Gris, while the Veal Cheeks and Cabbage was served with Cabernet Franc. A …
We arrived in Cleveland at dinner time. Bill and Sue had made reservations for dinner at Michael Symon’s Lola Restaurant in downtown Cleveland. It was a rainy night so the valet parking was a blessing. As we made our way to the front door, we took in the block of fun, tasty cool spots. It would be a great to go back there and explore this area. As we entered the restaurant the wine display above the bar was impressive. Steve and I ordered the Beef Hanger Steak with pickle sauce, chiles, served with Lola fries The Lola fries are crunchy shoestring fries with a punch of rosemary. Both were very good. Bill ordered the Beef Cheek Pierogiwild mushrooms, horseradish crème fraiche. After being encouraged Steve and I both tried this appetizer. I do not care for mushrooms or horseradish but this was very good. For dessert Bill ordered the …