We celebrated birthdays on this cruise. Lupe’s on the 1st, Fred’s on the 8th and Steve’s on the 27th. The ship do cakes for birthdays and anniversaries. Our last night on board, a wine toast, cheesecake and coconut soufflé for dessert. Save
The Pu, a Hawaiian conch shell, was blown to let us know that it was time for dinner. We had signed up for the VIP package so we walk over to the mansion. We were seated around an open-air courtyard with views of the plantation grounds and Mt. Waialeale in the distance. As we sipped our Champagne and sparkling cider, we watched a hula dancer who told beautiful stories of Hawaiiana with her elegant and graceful movements. Save
Located on the North shore, Paia started as a plantation town with the opening of Paia store in 1896 to serve the needs of the multi-cultural plantation workers of Paia Sugar Mill. Today, the wooden buildings of this quaint little town are still reminiscent of the plantation era but now house some of the best shopping and dining on the island. Paia town’s main drag is also just a stone’s throw away from one of the best windsurfing spots in the world, Hookipa, and the surf lifestyle has definitely had an influence. Save
Beach Bum’s BBQ & Grill, opened in February of 2007 and quickly became Maui’s most popular oceanfront barbecue restaurant. Beach Bum’s is the only Maui Restaurant that features an all wood rotisserie smoker, (custom-built in Mesquite Texas) using only local woods: Kiawe, a mild mesquite & Guava, an exotic fruit tree, adding a unique “island flavor” to all their smoked meats. Beach Bum’s has garnished several awards for best BBQ. The Bar had lots of neat signs and here are just a few of them. Across the street on the harbor there was a wooden whale, standing on it’s tail. A little strange…. Save
This is where the road to Hana stopped for us. We drove through town and did not find anything open at 2:30 on this Sunday afternoon. We came upon the Travaasa Hotel. As we walked into the dining room. There was a perfect view of the bay and a gorgeous day with great outdoor seating. Lizards were running around while Mina birds could be heard in the distance.. This is what we had for lunch the purple chips were made from sweet potatoes. If time I have ever seen purple sweet potatoes!   As we walk around the hotel it was very peaceful. After lunch we headed back to the ship. The trip was much faster (only 2 1/2 hours) going back, We were on the cliff side of the highway so it was much easier to see oncoming traffic. Once back to the ship, we parked the car in …
Cadillac Grill is totally a retro 1950’s diner with center booths that are done up to look like classic ’50s cars, pictures of Elvis on the walls, oldies playing on the radio and offers up comfort food. Save
We boarded the ship and headed to Skyline, one of the dining restaurants. Afterwards, we explored the ship and had drinks. This map shows are route for our tour of the Hawaiian Islands. Finally, we got into our cabin where we had chocolate covered strawberries and a cheese and fruit plate waiting for us. Save Save
We celebrated Lupe’s birthday at the second Haleiwa Joe’s location.We had eaten at Haleiwa Joes in Haleiwa and I was surprised that the two restaurants were so completely different. The first Haleiwa Joe’s was across the street from the ocean. This one was an open-air restaurant in a lush valley overlooks its own tropical garden and koi pond with a breathtaking view of the Ko‘olau mountain range. The restaurant opened in 2000 on the windward side of Oahu. The land was sold in the mid-19th century as a royal possession to an Englishman named Bakersfield, who had quite a green thumb, planting many of the lily ponds and flowers still blooming in the gardens today. I thought the fans located in the open air restaurant was a little strange.     This is Lo’olau mountain range. It sets behind the restaurant overlooking the garden. It is not a mountain range in …
While Lupe’s prescription was being filled we decided we would go ahead and do lunch there in the strip mall. We found Mexico Lindo, a Mexican restaurant. Mexico Lindo one of the few true Mexican food places in the island’s. The Chefs are of real Mexican roots which is why the food tastes so great. The restaurant had many interesting things hanging around the room. The menu had a hand painted look to it.
President Obama and the First Family, when vacationing in Kailua, go to Island Snow, a surf shop that serves the best shave ice I have ever had. The shop is located close to the Presidential vacation compound. What is Hawaiian Shave Ice? Hawaiian Shave Ice is made with a special ice shaving machines that produces a light fluffy product. Hawaiian Snow syrups are formulated specifically for shave ice, and when combined with the finely shaved he syrups do not drain to the bottom of the cup. Traditional snow cones are crushed, coarse ice, which retain a lot of water in the ice, and makes the product dense and heavy, allowing the syrups to drain quickly to the bottom of the cup. There were lots of choices on flavors. I had the crazy cotton candy, while Steve had the Banzai Banana. Fred and I had the scoop of vanilla ice cream …