Our first night in town we walked down the street from our hotel to Playwrights Act III Irish Pub. Playwright’s menu features Irish & American style dishes, deliciously paired with any beer, cocktail or wine. The hotel and Playwrights was located just blocks from Macy’s & Madison Square Garden/Penn Station. We had a very nice dinner, enjoyed some drinks and made our way back to the hotel for an early wake-up call. The next day, after the Thanksgiving parade, we went to Playwright Pub for our traditional Thanksgiving meal. We had butternut squash soup, oven roasted Vermont turkey with herb stuffing, served with garlic mashed potatoes with rosemary gravy, scallion mash and turnip puree and desserts. It was very good and more than we could eat. Save Save Save Save
The idea of  Walking Tacos was a great thing for the large group of people we had for dinner on Sunday night.This is not so much a recipe…but a GREAT idea…and if you ever need something easy for a group be it family, friends or sports team this is a great food to serve. They also make great “hand-held” food for in front of the TV. Yield 6 tacos 1 lb ground beef 1 packet taco seasoning mix tomatoes chopped lettuce chopped onions (I use tops of green onions) black olives sliced shredded cheese (Mexican blend, cheddar, Colby…whatever works for you) sour cream taco sauce or picante sauce individual lunch-sized bags of corn chips (We used Doritos) Directions Brown ground beef, drain, return to pan. Add Taco seasoning mix according to directions on packet. TO ASSEMBLE: Carefully open a bag of chips along the sealed direction being careful not to”tear” …
On Sunday a group went to the Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins baseball game. The Twins and the Royals are in the Central Division of Major League Baseball’s American League. The Twins are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The team is named after the Twin Cities area comprising Minneapolis and St. Paul. The name Royals originates from the American Royal, a livestock show, horse show, rodeo, and championship barbecue competition held annually in Kansas City since 1899. Eric Hosmer drove in Lorenzo Cain with nobody out in the ninth inning, helping the Kansas City Royals beat the Minnesota Twins 3-2 for a split of their four-game series. Since Minnesota were home to the attendees, they were a little disappointed that the Royals beat the Twins.
One of our guest for the weekend, Jason, brought orange juice and a bottle of Crown Royal Maple for breakfast shooters. One shot glass full of Crown Royal Maple and another shot of orange juice which make a perfect morning drink. The Crown is smooth enough to prevent your head from snapping back at the first shot, and the thin maple syrupy consistency and flavor of the whiskey actually reminded us of a good pancake. When researching about this drink, I found that it is recommended to do a shot of Crown Maple, a shot of orange juice followed by a slice of bacon. Needless to say the Crown Royal Maple did not last until breakfast so we could not try it with the bacon.    
This is the projector, computer and speaker for the movie. The projector worked very nice to put the movie onto the garage door. In this picture it is hard to tell what it is. Among all the blankets and pillows there are some kids. The kids at this time are pretty much asleep. Samantha is still awake in the next photo. While the kids watched the movie/slept, the adults enjoyed the fire pit. Yes, we did do S’mores before the kids settled in for the movie.
As it began to get dark, the guys had the fireworks table set up and it was time to start the show.  
As we were waiting for it to get dark enough to set off the fireworks, everyone collected in the driveway for some socializing and a few drinks. After the fireworks, we planned to light the fire pit and put a movie on for the kids to watch. As I was taking pictures of the group, Rick decided to take a picture of me taking pictures. On the right side of the picture you can see the tent we had set up for some of the kids to sleep.  
                                                    Kristie and Holan were making faces for the camera.
Two time on the fourth the kids got to do water balloon. Windy picked up a Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons. These are new on the market and is supposed to be the fastest way to fill balloons for water balloon fights. The pack had three sets each consisting of a hose attachment with 37 balloons attached that automatically fill and ties themselves. The kids had some help filling the balloons by Steve and Windy. On the back side of the pool chairs were set up to watch the kids on the trampoline and to watch the ladder games. In the background you can see the guys grilling the meat. The older “kids” played on the slot machine. The machine doesn’t pay out money, it is just for the fun of playing. Rick did really well with the mining game.    
This is the tent Steve purchased, it was cheaper to buy instead of renting one for the weekend. They didn’t put the sides on since it was going to be nice weather. It made a nice area to sit and visit before and after lunch. Rick had tables we used and Bob got chairs from work, it does take a village to have a get together! Some of the pictures seem like repeats but there might be one person different and I wanted to get everyone I could into the pictures.The kids table, looks like they had enough to eat.