Breakfast this morning was fries left over from lunch at KC Smoke Burgers yesterday and apple sweet roll from Rick. Samantha and Holan made deviled eggs for our cookout while Steve sliced tomatoes.
We made Jello shots to have on the fourth. It was the first time we made them so we weren’t sure what kind to make. The internet had lots of recipes so it was had to decide but what type alcohol in the cabinet help with the decision We did four flavors: black cherry, peach, strawberry banana and orange. The peach was our favorite with the strawberry banana next. The black cherry had Red Bull energy drink in it so it was a little strange. Along with the alcohol shots we did non-alcohol for the kids and some of the adults. So we would know the difference Samantha put the black dots on the tops of the non-alcohol shots.
For the second year, Steve has helped sort food for the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Project. Each year the city has a tree lighting ceremony and kick off their Christmas Tree Project. The city takes applications from people who need help with gifts and food for Christmas. Along with gifts from the tree, food items and cash donations are collected. Then the Wednesday before Christmas the food and gifts are sorted and picked up by the families.
As we were waiting for the boys to get home from school, the guys decorated the house for Halloween. Jamie and Steve were busy putting up the web as Fred supervised.
Labor Day we got together with Dee, Katy, Bob, John, Helen, Rick, Chris and Rumi for lunch. We dined in the dining room, something a little unusual for us. For dessert I made peach and vanilla ice cream. I thought it was pretty good ice cream, even if I did make it. I really liked the peach. Later in the day we enjoyed the pool.  
Steve S. made this fantastic fruit flag, doesn’t it look GOOD! All the fresh fruit was nice…. Sisters being silly. All smiles…. l Alex drumming with his glow sticks….. We sat in the driveway and watched the fireworks going off in the neighborhood. This is Ted and Cameron watching…. Suzy and Samantha before going outside….. The Bender Family (all but Alex) with Suzy in the back ground….
This is a picture of Kristie with her new tea set she got for Christmas in 1978. This is Samantha at midnight on June 29, 2013 making lemonade. 38 years apart but so much the same.
This is Jenny. She is hanging out on the porch until I get her out to the bench in the garden. She has such a nice face.
These pretty flowers are from Holan. They sure do brighten up the house! Today’s Abundance Steve’s winnings at the casino Easter Bunch with family Finally finding the right bricks Phone message from Samantha
This could take a while. Samantha started out tearing one little piece of paper from the box, She didn’t seem in any hurry to see what was inside, Yes, I can handle being the center of attention. Who cares about a gift when you can eat the paper!   Oh, more paper! Look at my big girl chair! WOW! This is FUN!   1 Comment This child is out of this world. Always with a smile on her face. Samantha is precious fredlupe · 2008-01-03: 15:34