Our hot tub broke. We went out one night to get in and the water temp was 54 with the air temp around 40. Don, the hot tub guy, came out and said the heat pump was bad. So a new tub was in our future but first Steve decided to have a new concrete pad put down. The area where the old tubs had sat was not level and Steve was always trying to get it level. We went off on a cruise and when we got home the new pad was in place. We were really pleased with Tony’s work. So now we are ready for the new tub to be delivered.
After shopping every spar company in Kansas City, we finally found the hot tub we both like. It was funny how we search and search, there was a tub here or there that we liked for different reasons. But neither one of us were “sold” on any of them. Then we arrived at Above and Beyond and both of us agreed this was the one going home with us. It seats six and is 94″ X 94″ X 36″, holds 370 gallons of water and has 54 jets. The pumps are incredibly quiet, making the Fusion Air Sound System great for listening to music. I still haven’t figured out the Bluetooth yet but I will get there. One of the positive points to buying this one were the molded cup holders located around the tub. The spa’s lighting has a kaleidoscope of colors and the water features, waterfall and the …
Steve drained the water from the hot tub and cleaned it out. He’s not going to refill until the weather turns cooler again. Save some money on the electric bill.
We have a street light in our backyard. It is not our light but it does light up the yard as if it is a football field! With the hot tub the light is right in your face. So Steve decided to take care of the problem.
Another thing is checked off the list for the tub arrival. We had to run a 220 line for the tub. The electrician ran an eighty foot line from the power box to the side of the house. We are now ready for the tub to arrive!
This is where the hot tub is going. This picture was taken in May so the plants are kind of small but now in September they are MUCH bigger. Steve transplanted them. He did a good job!
The Spa Heaven guys came to install the hot tub today. We got the platform for it to set on instead of putting in a concrete slap or building a deck. This will make it easy if we ever want to take it out. They got the platform down and it was time to bring the tub around to the back yard. As you can tell from this picture it is not light weight. This is what the inside looks like. Getting it into the “garden” was a bit of a challenge. Good thing they were young guys doing the pulling and pushing. They got it in and turned over then it was time to decide which way to position it. We put the steps up to the sliding glass doors so it is only two step from the warm house into the hot tub. We got the railing to …
We went into Kansas City today and bought a hot tub. It has taken me several years to get Steve to do this – I hope he likes it.