The Story of Us: 2012 Part 4

In Liberty Missouri, the Odd Fellows Home built in 1900, is now a the Belvoir Winery. This is one of our favorite winery so it was natural for us to take the Rotchfords there. This historic building was completed in 1900 and home to the Odd Fellows Home, a residential complex established for the care […]

The Story of Us: 2012 Part 3

We packed a picnic lunch and headed out to Table Rock Lake. We found a very nice table overlooking the lake and enjoyed the beauty of the area. A toast to 31 years of friendship and travels! We had been to Sight and Sound Theatre to see Noah and enjoyed the behind the scenes tour. […]

The Story of Of Us: 2012 Part 2

We found a Groupon for a three night stay at Stormy Point Village, located near the beautiful Table Rock Lake and Branson. It was a gated community styled after a timeless Cape Cod fishing village. The Guard at the gate was very nice and friendly. There was a police are just outside of the entrance […]

The Story of Us: 2012 Part 1

The Rotchfords and Kerricks have been to Vegas several time and I am not sure there are pictures for each trip, especially in the early years. This would have been before cell phones. Carrying a camera in and out of casinos were not allowed years ago. We also learned, after the first trips, it was […]

The Story of Us: 2011

It was March of 2011, when Fred and Lupe flew into Kansas City from El Paso by way of Dallas. We had some relaxing days visiting before getting into our van for a road trip to Dallas. Now you may ask, why didn’t we just meet them in Dallas. My answer to that is “And […]

The Story of Us: 2010 Part 6

Out last stop, before heading back to Kansas, was Bear Country USA, located just a few miles from Rapid City. We hoped to seen bears except for one on our road trip, so this was a good way to get up and personal safely. The park was a two mile drive through a wonderland of […]

The Story of Us: 2010 Part 5

We had made our upper west loop of our adventure, it was time to turn back east, back to Rapid City. The morning was very gloomy and raining so the mountains were hard to see as we left Jackson Lodge. We came upon Lava Mountain Lodge, situated on The Togwotee Pass in the Shoshone National […]

The Story of Us: 2010 Part 4

Dragon’s Mouth has a temperature of 170.2°F and is 18X30 feet and is 16 feet deep. Tower Falls is approximately 1,000 yards upstream from the Yellowstone River, and plunges 132 feet. Its name comes from the rock pinnacles at the top of the falls. We took time to see Mammoth Hot Springs, different from other thermal […]

The Story of Us: 2010 Part 3

As we entered Yellowstone National Park, this buffalo was walking down the road. He was walking down his side of the road. Don’t know where he was going or where he was coming from! A stop at the West Thumb Geyser Basin gift shop. Old Faithful Geyser reaches the height of 106 – 184 feet […]

The Story of Us: 2010 Part 2

We did not have the Devil’s Tower on our list to visit but Rumi said it was a must see. So we whizzed down I-90 towards the tower enjoying the Bear Lodge Ranger District of the Black Hills National Forest. Devils Tower, a laccolithic butte composed of ignesous rock in the Bear Lodge Mountains in […]