Stepping Back in Time

Our visit to the Shetlar family lake house on Pomme de Terre Lake included an outing to Lead Mine. It was a 30 to 40 minute drive back into the Missouri country side. The community is located about 3.5 miles east of Tunas on Missouri Route E and approximately 50 miles north-northeast of Springfield, The […]

Sweet Harvest

We were invited to a Honey Harvest. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew, from the invite, there would be food, drinks, music and maybe some honey. As we arrived, there were lots of cars turning into the road leading up to the ranch. We parked, grabbed our chairs and cooler and made […]

Storms=No Power

On Friday and Saturday night we had storms move through our area. Between the two nights we had 5 1/4 inches of rain in our rain gauge. On Saturday night the storm started about 9:30, with small wind damage in our area but parts of Kansas City had widespread wind damage and power outage. Some […]

Hands, Feet, Signatures and Other Things

One of the reasons that the Chinese Theatre remains so famous today is its legendary hand and footprint ceremonies.  Even now stars long to be immortalized in cement in the theater’s forecourt.  There are several stories on how this first occurred and they all seem to start with someone accidentally stepping in cement.  Some say […]

Stars, Musicians and Costumes

Along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine there was so many activities it was like a maze of tourists. We encounter musicians asking us to buy their CD, protesters and people in costumes wanting us to pay them to take a picture with them. The Walk of Fame runs 1.3 miles and the stars are paced at […]

Performance Groups

The group performers, and bands make the parade a parade of America, making it feel like a hometown occasion. There are 8,000 total participants (approximately 4,000 of which are Macy’s employees, including clowns, marching bands, dancers, balloon handlers and big-name performers. Many of these volunteers are doctors, nurses, advertising executives, social media managers of course […]

Eating Under the White Tent

This is the tent Steve purchased, it was cheaper to buy instead of renting one for the weekend. They didn’t put the sides on since it was going to be nice weather. It made a nice area to sit and visit before and after lunch. Rick had tables we used and Bob got chairs from […]

Visiting With Friends

As I started to write this post, I looked up at the title I had written. Then I questioned, what does it mean to be a friend. So I went to the Urban Dictionary, not a source used by persons of my age, but I find they usually have some interesting definitions. So it’s definition […]

Who are you Marching for? Bataan Memorial Death March

Some of the marchers were marching to commemorate the life of a father, grandfather, uncle or a relative of a friend. For motivation some said they kept in mind the Bataan soldiers and their suffering. “Every time you start feeling tired, you think about them and this is nothing compared to what they had to […]