It was moving day and Miss Tobie, our grandcat, was not sure she liked her new home. At the new apartment, we placed her in the cloth kennel so she wouldn’t run out the door as the moving truck was unloaded. A few years before this, she had fallen asleep in the window, the screen fell out, she tumbled down to the trash can and she was gone. For three days we search high and low for her. Late one night, she was heard outside of the house. Looking around the yard, she was not found. Heading back into the house, a quick glance up at the bedroom window and there she was. She must had seen her chance to get back in the house when the door was open. Everyone was very happy she was home but we did not want a repeat of that experience! This is the …
Hershey was curled up on the blank today and had his eyes and part of his nose covered. I have often seen him push his nose down into the covers because he is cold. Today it was hard to tell if there was too much sun so he was using his leg as a mask to block it out. Or maybe his face was cold so he cover it to keep it warm. If only he could talk!
Hershey was sitting on the couch when he got up and went over to Holan and laid his head on her lap it. He hates sweaters but with his Arthritis in his back he has to wear them. At 14 years old, he has also started taking pain meds.
This is Pete, he lives across the court from us. Isn’t he cute with his sunglasses!?!?
Everyone was filling their plates in the kitchen and someone dropped a roll, Hershey grabbed it and started eating it.
The kids were taking a nap while we were sitting in the recliner watching TV. Pebbles was so sound asleep that she didn’t even notice I was taking a picture. However, Hershey opened his eyes just as I took his picture.
The day Miss Tobie moved into the new home, we placed her in a cloth dog kettle to keep her safe while things were being moving in. She was not happy and learned she could “walk” the kettle across the floor.  
This is Dagwood and Daisy playing. While we were visiting, they would play three or four times a day. They were so much fun to watch. Daisy is the one making most of the noise and is the smaller of the two.
We enjoyed our lunch, now it was time for water guns, floats and noodles. Cameron learned a couple of weeks before to load the water gun and was very good at shooting it across the pool. Samantha has become such a good swimmer, it is so good to see her doing tricks and diving. The dogs enjoyed the pool as well as the humans.
Rick and Rumi, just returning from his brother’s funeral in TX, stop by to get Suki. She was very happy to see them but Hershey decided Rick needed to hold him instead of her. I am just too comfortable! I know you’re talking about me. . . . . . . . . .  but I just can’t stay awake!