The T-bones play at CommunityAmerica Ballpark in Kansas City, KS just 15 minutes from our house. The concourse of the ballpark is built around the field so you can still see the field while standing in line at the concession stands. They guys did a lot of work getting the field ready for the game.This is Suzy and Jim Webber, they treated us to the ballgame. Jim got us a very nice table with swivel chairs on the concourse. It was very close to the restrooms and the food. We felt so special! Since it was in the high 90s, we thought it would be very hot but there was a nice breeze so it wasn’t bad at all. Sizzler the Bull was making the round and stopped by to have a picture made with Steve.The T-bones won the game 5-2 over Grand Prairie.
  Steve and I attended another Sizzlin’ Summer Show, which Steve was really excited about because it was a juggler. Brian Wendling was the entertainer of the show. These pictures are Brian doing Chinese yo-yo tricks. The Chinese yo-yo is made of two plastic wheels connected by a steel rod. The yo-yo’s center of gravity falls directly in the center of the rod, which allows it to balance on a string. By manipulating the sticks connected to the string, Brian made the yo-yo spin and hum along the string.        Hula hooping while juggling and then balancing on a large ball. A girl was selected to balance on the large ball.       He put three balls in his mouth and juggled them. A little easier was juggling the four larger balls with his hands.    After spinning a ball, he showed a little boy how to do it.    …
The City of Lansing is offering a “Sizzlin’ Summer Program” at the Lansing High School auditoriums so Steve and I went over for the first program, Drum Safari. I knew the programs were set up for kids but they sounded like fun and a good price @ only $1 per show. Steve on the other hand  didn’t have a clue and decided we needed a kid to be there. Anyway… was fun and we learned a lot about the drums from West Africa. We also learned different rhythms by comparing them with different animals and their movements. Brandon, Teryn and Eva used LARGE pictures of those animals to introduce the rhythms. Then everyone was invited to the stage where they chose a percussion instrument and the jungle jam began. As the rhythms of the animals locked together it became a nice little musical. During the program instruments were exchanged three …
Sons of the Pioneers perform during the normal Branson, Missouri season at historic Shepherd of the Hills homestead. A chuckwagon supper is served prior to each two hour show. It was an extraordinary meal of tender beef brisket, a roasted chicken quarter, a whole roasted ear of corn, dinner rolls, roasted potatoes and apple cobbler For over 75 years the Sons of the Pioneers have been proud to perform the music of the American West celebrating the West, its awesome landscape, its people, its culture and the American Cowboy. Certainly, many of the songs they originally introduced and which have been their signature, such as Tumbling Tumbleweed, Cool Water and Ghost Riders in the Sky, have become forever entwined into the very fabric of the West. They embrace that heritage and strive to honor it. “Country western” artists may sing about pickup trucks or their girlfriends. Their songs are unabashed …
Oasis of the Seas has a show they call Headliner Showtime. It is a variety show offered three times a cruise that will include singers, musicians, and magic and juggling acts. You don’t know who will be the “Headliner” until you get on the ship and read the Cruise Compass. Our show was Revolution A Tribute to the Beatles. We were not real impressed by the show even though we grew up with the Beatle songs. The guy’s performance wasn’t bad, guess we are use to more flash than the old time concert.
This is a short video of the parade but will give you an idea of what the parade was like. Samantha is sitting on top of a trash can so she can see. The sound is terrible so turn down your speakers.
Oh, the prestige, the glamour, the recognition of the belly flop! The Aqua Theater is where the belly flop competition occurs, featuring passengers as floppers. There was a large crowd in attendance and was a fun event made more entertaining by our Cruise Director Richard.
And it all begins early morning in the Main Dining Room. Some of the favorite characters from popular movies like Shrek®, Madagascar? and Kung Fu Panda® stopped by our table for some playful shenanigans. Samantha wouldn’t have her photo taken with your them at the meet and greet but she did a few at breakfast.The DreamWorks-inspired menu features a wide array of morning favorites from “Fresh-a-Liscious Yogurt Selections” to “Crack-a-Lackin Smoked Salmon Plate.” and “ferocious French toast”. There were the traditional à la carte breakfast items and coffee. Some of us had the fresh orange juice which was wonderful.Chocolate pastries were served with chocolate milk shakes.Alex the LionGloriaKing Julian XIIISamantha watching the characters and staff dancing.
Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas features the first zip line on a cruise ship. It is a 82 foot ride in the Sports Zone suspended nine decks above the Boardwalk. The girls had done the zip line in Labadee, Haiti which was much longer and higher than this one. They were “suited” up with the gear. Holan was the first one to take off….Then it was Kristie’s turn….Both girls thought this zip line, even though shorter and not as high, was scarier than the one in Haiti. As they glided this is what they saw when the looked down. Do you think looking down at water would be calmer than this?
“Come Fly With Me” was an aerial and dancing spectacular featuring aerobatics, a hot air balloon and an airplane. It was much like a Cirque de Soleil show. The same people who did “Hairspray” perform in this show. This is a link to a 360 degree panorama video of the Opal Theater: The theater seats 1,380 people, has a spiral staircase on either side and a moveable bridge across the top. Aerial wire effects are integrated into the Come Fly With Me, an amazing aerial show.