Happy 70th Birthday

It was a few days late but we celebrated Steve’s 70th Birthday with family and friends. It was an evening filled with food, laughs and good conversation. For the celebration he wanted carrot cake . . . . very good choice with lots of cream cheese icing, his favorite. When it came time to open […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Our day was a day of eating, sharing, playing games and just being together. Mr Booker (a local caterer) did the cooking for us, Mr. Sam (Club) provided the upgraded plastic plates and silverware and everyone jumped in to helped with the clean up. The girls added deviled eggs and desserts to our meal. We […]

Alli “Dee” Gator

We finally have an answer to how our new friend in the pool got there . . . Dee put it in the pool Monday night. All week going to the gym and being in the pool she managed to keep quite. During a two and half hour dinner at the Melting Pot Saturday night, […]

The fellow in our pool. . .

Steve wrote this in an email to find out who put this fellow in our pool. So far no one has come forward. “I went out to the pool and just lost three years of my life. Wasn’t paying attention and went over to clean out overflow of pool. Looked down and there was a […]

Afternoon Games

After lunch and before the fireworks, people took turns playing games in the front yard. Mark, from across the court had some neat yard games he brought over. Addisyn and Samantha waiting their turn to play. Mark and Val Windy and Rob Val and Rob Steve and Mark Rogan and Samantha Wendy and Rob Save


This is Pete, he lives across the court from us. Isn’t he cute with his sunglasses!?!?

Movie and Fire Pit

This is the projector, computer and speaker for the movie. The projector worked very nice to put the movie onto the garage door. In this picture it is hard to tell what it is. Among all the blankets and pillows there are some kids. The kids at this time are pretty much asleep. Samantha is […]

Eating Under the White Tent

This is the tent Steve purchased, it was cheaper to buy instead of renting one for the weekend. They didn’t put the sides on since it was going to be nice weather. It made a nice area to sit and visit before and after lunch. Rick had tables we used and Bob got chairs from […]

Time to Eat

Samantha made us a menu sign for our 4th of July Lunch. It helped people to see what was on the buffet as they were waiting in line. She really enjoys doing crafts and making posters. Maybe she will go into marketing or graphic arts when she gets older. When the conversation started on having […]