The balloon went on without too many problems, then it was time to fill it with air. This was not a real quick blow up but it really didn’t take that long considering how big it is. The tarp was placed over the balloon, the sand bags put around the edges and finally the tie downs were added. A job well done and a big thank you to Bob, Katy and Dee for the help! Now a time to rest and have some water.    
It’s time to close the pool, such a sad time.These were our supples: balloon, cover, anchors and sand bags. Steve took the sand tubes to the local concert company and filled with a few days earlier in the week. It took 525 pounds of sand to fill the tubes. Steve gave instructions on how we were going to put the cover on the pool. Small sheets of padding was placed on the pool support beams, to protect the top trap from rubbing. The pillow was unrolled and ready to be put on the water.  
It has been a warm summer, not hot, just warm and it has extended into September so we have been able to keep the pool open an extra week. Steve always wants to keep it open past Labor Day but the water gets too cold to go in after that Monday. This year the entire week has been nice so we decided that we would close it down on Sunday. We might have left it open longer but we will be leaving for CA on Tuesday. So on Sunday we ordered pizza and enjoyed the pool one last time…..well so we thought. It was so nice the guys decided to wait until Monday so we could have one more day of fun in the sun. Holan took yearly group picture for us.  
This is our new van it is a 2014 Honda Odyssey. So far we like it, it has some very nice features which we are still learning about. The neighbors have named it Shades of Gray.  
Labor Day we got together with Dee, Katy, Bob, John, Helen, Rick, Chris and Rumi for lunch. We dined in the dining room, something a little unusual for us. For dessert I made peach and vanilla ice cream. I thought it was pretty good ice cream, even if I did make it. I really liked the peach. Later in the day we enjoyed the pool.  
Ricky, our neighbor, had a retirement luncheon on post at the Frontier Conference Center. There was a really good turn out and the buffet lunch was good. The “neighbors” and Holan all attended and heard some funny stories about Rick’s adventures over the years. This was Ricky before showing off his Mickey Mouse tie. Holan took this picture with her iphone, we weren’t sure what was going on so we are not smiling. What a fun retirement cake! We noticed as we got out of the van that Dee had on two different sandals. She was checking to see which one she like best with her outfit but forgot to change to just one kind. We continued the “retirement party” on Friday by going to a Mexican Restaurant with a Sunday Brunch at June’s Northland.
They decided our court need to be resurface. The guys arrived and starting putting this strange stuff down. They got it spread out but it was a smooth surface. The information sheet said it would take a couple of months for it to cure. Meanwhile, we couldn’t drive on it for several hours.
This was taken back in June. Rick, Dee, Steve and I went to the Leavenworth Parks and Recreation’s National Trail Day walk. We started off in one of the local parks and up into a hillside (very steep hill) then back down into the park. It was suppose to be 3 miles but none of think it was. It was a nice outing and the breakfast at IHOP was also nice.
We went to the car show to see what is being offered in vans. We were verydisappointed in what they had. They are just not making as many vans now.We did, however, find this van: Toyota Sienna – the second row seats are lounge chairs, complete with foot rests and fully recline (think La-Z-Boy) – are very comfortable but not made for tall people.
We went to dinner the other night with Dee, Katy and Bob to celebrate Dee’s birthday. Katy made reservationsat STIX. It was a restaurant set up with “restaurants withina restaurant”. There was the sushi bar, Asian cuisines and then the quick handed, knife wielding chefs of the flaming teppanyaki grill. We ate in the grill where the tables seats10 people at a table/grill. The chef cooked and served ourfood very quickly while entertaining us with his skills.After dinner we went back to our house and had cake andice cream. The chef at STIX isn’t the only one who has abig knife! It was a very nice evening of good food, good friends and a celebration of a milestone for Dee.