The Story of Us: 1992 – 1999

The clan moved back to the States in 1992, with the Rotchfords going to Kingsville, TX and the Kerricks going to Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Fred was a Professor at Military Science at Texas A&M. Steve taught at the Command General Staff College in the Leadership Department. They were busy with their teaching, the two oldest […]

The Story of Us: Back to Germany

In February of 1989, Steve got orders back to Germany and the girls and I were not happy. Kristie had wanted to graduate from a high school in the United States. She had been a freshman in Virginia, a sophomore in Kansas and now she would do her Junior and Senior years in Kaiserslautern. Holan’s […]

The Story of Us: In The States

As we settled into our lives in Virginia Beach and the Rotchfords into El Paso, it was much harder for us to spend time together. The cost of flying for four was too much not to mention the activities of the girls and job requirements for the guys. Now looking back on the years of […]

The Story of Us: Darmstadt

It was the summer of ’82, the guys had been working at CRC Lauda for a year. There were approximately 30 to 35 US Army Officers & Enlisted assigned to the unit. They worked side by side with a German Luftwaffe Tactical Fighter Control Unit which fell under a NATO SOC Command. Their responsible was […]

The Story of Us: Würzburg

We were at Ft. Bliss, TX in 1981 when Steve received orders for Germany. This was our second tour to Germany, the first being to Nürnberg in 1973. Steve traveled to Würzburg in April while the girls and I stayed with Dad and Jean in KY. The girls and I could not travel until Steve […]

Now We Can Say “Not our first Rodeo”

Today we went to the World’s Oldest Indoor Rodeo at the Fort Worth Stock Yards. And yes, it was truly our first rodeo. This was the 117th Rodeo and was held at the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum in Fort Worth. This is the last year the event will be held at Will Rogers. A new $450 […]

A Maze . . . Of Odds and Ends

This was a wonderful wood carving in front of the Havana Cigar store. Along the path was a coconut water cart, in case you need a quick drink. The shore line of the island. The sunlight reflecting on the water waves made it sparkle. As we left, we discovered the shopping area was designed as […]

A Maze . . . Of Entertainment

Our 3rd stop on this cruise was Costa Maya. We had breakfast in the dining room, then spent a couple of hours in the hot tubs. Most of the people had gotten off the ship so the tubs were pretty empty. We did have a nice conversation with a couple from Canada, before going to lunch […]

Fifty Million Dollar Paradise

We arrived at Harvest Caye, Belize and was very surprised to find that we were not on the mainland of Belize. The last time we were in Belize, we had tendered to the port, which was your usual cruise ship experience. There was nothing usual about this beautiful cruise port. It is owned exclusively by […]

Iguanas and Plants

Local artist were commissioned to create wood carvings featuring Belize wildlife. Carving of a large iguana side by side with a smaller iguana is huge, it’s about 5′ high at the head of the iguana and 10′ long from head to tail of the larger iguana. Iguanas are a common sight throughout the Caribbean. This […]