It was moving day and Miss Tobie, our grandcat, was not sure she liked her new home. At the new apartment, we placed her in the cloth kennel so she wouldn’t run out the door as the moving truck was unloaded. A few years before this, she had fallen asleep in the window, the screen fell out, she tumbled down to the trash can and she was gone. For three days we search high and low for her. Late one night, she was heard outside of the house. Looking around the yard, she was not found. Heading back into the house, a quick glance up at the bedroom window and there she was. She must had seen her chance to get back in the house when the door was open. Everyone was very happy she was home but we did not want a repeat of that experience! This is the …
Our dragon-fly is coming back every day now. It’s interesting to watch him and Steve feels as if he was communicating with him. Steve would move his eyes and the dragon-fly would move his. Steve would move his head and the dragon-fly did the same. Katy came over and the dragon-fly landed on her finger nail.      
There is music with this video, be sure to have your sound turned up.
This is Dagwood and Daisy playing. While we were visiting, they would play three or four times a day. They were so much fun to watch. Daisy is the one making most of the noise and is the smaller of the two.
This is Riley, our grand-niece is about seven months old now. While we were attending her brother’s birthday party, Steve was busy entertaining her and at one point she even drifted off to sleep as he was trying to teach her some new sounds. You have to turn up your volume to hear the noises they are both making.    
Our grand-nephew turned three recently. The party was held at a park and it was a wonderful afternoon to be outside. The kids enjoyed the park and the adults enjoyed chatting under the shelter. There were balloons, poppers and of course cake and ice cream. Amy decorated the Spider Man cake, really cool, and she did a great job, and tasted good, an added bonus. This is a short video of the group singing happy birthday.  
Everyone has been posting their videos of their ice bucket experience so here is Steve and Rick’s. Rick’s son Chris Dodson had challenged them. The pool water was 89 degrees, outside heat index was 105 so the ice water felt good. Additional benefit was that the pool got some cold water added!      
This video was made on November 26, 2008. We had just finished dinner and were recording Samantha doing some of her sign language she was learning at day care. By pointing down she was wanting to get down from the table and patting her stomach she was saying please. She then was encouraged to interact with her Great Grand Father, also known as Pop. This was the last time Samantha and Pop got to spend time together.    
Always looking for the perfect waves to ride in, the guys enjoyed boogie boarding.  
Kristie performed at Samantha’s Dance recital and did a great job. When she lost her hat she never missed a bet. We were impressed ….. she didn’t know she had lost it until the dance was over.