It was 26 this morning and the fountain froze up. This is the progress of the defrosting. Looks like it’s going to be nice here today after rain yesterday!
Just a few pictures of a snow fall we had. It started in the afternoon and as the day went on, the winds picked up and visibility got very low. It was nice to be in a warm house. The next day the sun was out and the snow coat made everything bright and clean.
Today the guys returned to finish up the fence. It seemed to go up very fast and is a beautiful fence. I didn’t get out there to take a picture of the finished fence but will post one later.
Today they delivered the lumber for the new fence around the pool. After off loading the lumber, they started taking down the old fence. Once the sections were removed they started removing the post. At one point the worker must have gotten cold. They built a fire in the can, burned the wooden steps and were huddled around the can. Once they got the post up, put a string line for the new post and started digging the new post holes.
Our burning bush finally started turning in the backyard. As the days went by it became if bright red. We went out to a pumpkin farm the other day. Kristie, Samantha and I picked out pumpkins to paint, the guys didn’t want to paint one. I just got around to taking pictures today. Kristie took pictures the day we painted them but I never got copies to share. We have been asked several times if the wine bottle in the basket on the bike was real. The answer is yes it is.
We have a male and female red birds that seem to have a nest in our front tree. They take turns coming for drinks. These Doves have been regular visitors to our fountain the last couple of weeks. The Robin couldn’t decide to take a bath or just sit on the water coming out of the top. Fun to watch all of them as they come and go.
We have had 5.32 inches of rain so far in July. It’s been a very wet summer. We had just come out of a drought last summer so guess the good Lord thought we needed lots of rain. Anyway, all the plants are growing so well. The Black-eye Susans are over populating and the grasses are taking over the hill side. The grasses really look nice and have a very gently calming effect as they blow in the wind. This is the small patio area with the fire pit and behind it is a burning bush that hasn’t grown much in the last five years, but it must like all of the rain too. It has really grown! This year I painted the mail box red which is kind of bright, but it was a change from the browns and grays. The Rose of Sharon are also blooming a lot …
Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! We got our first snow of the winter last night. It was only about an inch but it made everything pretty. Steve shoveled the driveway instead of getting out the snow blower.
When we purchased the house in June 1992, there was a small tree in the front yard. This is what the front yard looked like in the spring of 1993. As the years passed, the little tree grew, by 1997 the tree was getting large. We’ve now been in the house for 22 years. We have planted four other trees in the front yard and only two have survived. In the spring the crab apple tree produces a wonderful flower display, covering itself with fragrant white blooms.
The grasses in the backyard blow in the wind all winter and are so pretty. On this day a light snow fell which made the blades bend. ““““““““““““““““““““