Steve had thought it was warm enough to start-up the fountains but it wasn’t when the night temps dropped to almost 32 degrees.  
This morning all these birds came flying into the front yard. It looked like a scene from the movie “The Birds.” The miniature apples from our “Adirondack” crap apple tree were ripe and following from the tree. The birds also come to eat the apples about this time. As the weeks pass, the fruit from the tree ferments. As the birds eat the fruit they become drunk and start hitting the front windows.
We have had all kinds of mushrooms growing in the front and back yards this summer. Not sure why, could have been lack of rain, cooler summer than normal or some other strange thing. They were pretty and white but don’t know if they could have been eaten.
The kids gave me a barrel of potatoes for Mother’s Day. They have bloomed and are starting to die so it must be time to harvest. At first there was just tiny potatoes. Then we started finding some larger ones.   We ended up with 14.16 pounds of potatoes. There are three different types but I can’t tell you what kinds they are. Looks like some good eating!
The birds are enjoying the fountain in the front yard. At times they seem to be fighting with each other to get their space and time in the water. The birds also fly into the window as if looking for somewhere to land and stare in to see what we are doing in the house.
Steve finished up the walk from the steps to the pool. It looks very nice!
When we were looking for cushions the other day at Nebraska Furniture we found this table and chairs. Steve REALLY liked them and said we had to get them. There were a couple of other sets but we picked this one because it had a crack on the side of the table. The crack reduced their cost to $29.95, all the others were $112.00. Steve fixed the crack and I painted the area and it looks great. So far no names for them.  
This is a pin oak tree located next to the pool. We have talkedfor about three years that we should paint in the eyes and mouth that appears on the trunk. We finally got out the paintand ladder to do it and I realized this wasn’t going to be MYproject. I couldn’t reach that high even with the ladder. So it became Steve’s project under my direction.Of course, we both had different ideas of what to do sowe sort of met in the middle. Steve started painting the eyeswhite.Then he added the blue center.Then he started with the eye lashes.Here are the eyes finished. Steve then added lips, nose and laugh lines. He really did a greatjob on the painting, it looks much better than I had pictured itin my mind!Now we are working on what to do to her next. We are now thinkingshe needs a hair bow, braids, …
    This picture was taken before Steve did the walk makeover.  
Steve has painted the deck and parts of the fence that need to be refreshedfor the summer. He has all the everything ready and now we just need somewarm weather to get the temp of the pool up. So far it doesn’t look like wewill be swimming any time soon. We did, however, take a bottle of Sangria up the other night and enjoyed just sitting on the deck.Last year we bought a bar. It has a nice area for storing things and withthe mini refrigerator Rick contributed, we have lots of cold drinks to serveat the bar.I didn’t take any pictures of the pool……oh well, it is just water but it is crystal clearbut were is the warm weather?