The guys came in and took out all of the mulch and plant matter.This is the name of the company who did the work.The took out the wooden steps and this is how they ended up.They hauled in two tons of sand.They used a lot of it as the base for the walk. As they were digging the area out they found the railroad tie thatwas under the old storage building we had.They also found a shovel…. the wooden handle had rotted.
Steve cleaned all the “stuff” off hill and garden area for the guys to come work. They are putting in retaining walls and stairs. He took up all of the walkway and rocks. Last fall he removed all the ground cover so the hill was a little bare. It really looked terrible with everything pulled up.  
The other afternoon we were coming in from the pool and I spotted this praying mantis on the fern by the back door. This is a video of our friend, he became very aware of the camera in his face and at the end jumped on it.
I tried something new this year with the Amazing plant stand. These pots are plastic and I think makes a big difference in the look.The white thing in the middle of the bird bath is a wiggler. It runs on batteries and “stirs” the water. It is suppose to attract birds, deter mosquitos and prevent stagnant water. I think it is just interesting how it moves the water.
  Every morning and afternoon we have a humming bird that comes to drink from the fountain in our front yard. We think it’s the same one but it could be different ones. One morning Steve said there was a baby that came with the mother for a drink. These are the pictures I snapped this morning. This is a picture I took last year of a visit later in the day when the light was much better.
  Back in June Steve was getting ready to mow and noticed that one of the trees was split down to the ground. It was hanging on the power line. He called the power company and they immediately sent out someone to look at it. When they arrived it was determined that if they didn’t take it down the entire neighborhood could be without power. Within the hour there were three men here taking down two of our trees.
This is where the hot tub is going. This picture was taken in May so the plants are kind of small but now in September they are MUCH bigger. Steve transplanted them. He did a good job!
Another cold morning but warmer during the day. This was the fountain this morning when we got up. Think maybe we were rushing spring a little starting the fountain?!?!?
Last night we went to the airport to pick up Fred and Lupe. We went into the terminal the wind was blowing and was cold. They mentioned the pilot said, as they landed, that they were landing in a snow storm. We said it wasn’t snowing….boy were we wrong! We walked out and it was really coming down!! We made it home, got our snacks and sat on the back porch to watch the snow. The ground was so warm the snow didn’t accumulate on the roads. It was still snowing when we got up this morning. It got up to 57 today – from one extreme to another.