We drove along Chain of Craters Road in Volcanoes Nations Park. It was a 19-mile winding paved road through the East Rift and coastal area of the island. The original road, built-in 1928, connected Crater Rim Drive to Makaopuhi Crater. The road has had parts covered by lava several times due to eruptions of the Kilauea volcano. As we drove along we saw collapse craters. The collapsed crater was form primarily when lava drains out of chambers beneath the surface, causing the surface to collapse-in to fill the void. These craters are characterized by deep pits with no air fall debris on the rims, indicating a lack of eruptive or explosive events in their formation. We stopped at Lua Manu, which was interesting in particular because it was partially filled by a small lava stream that flowed into it during the 1974 Kilauea eruption.