TThese are the views of the Sid Grauman’s private box high above the theatre, the view of the auditorium from the private box and the two projection rooms. Inside the projection rooms. One holds the Christie projectors and the other holds two mammoth IMAX projectors that are dismantled piece-by-piece after each use.One of the clips showed the first premiere which was Cecil B. DeMille’s King of King. This movie theatre is famous for hosting movie premieres of classic films such as King Kong (1933), The Wizard of Oz (1939), the first ever Star Wars film (1977) and LA LA Land (2016). The the Academy Awards were held in the theatre from 1944 to 1946. The curtain is a replica made from an image of the 1927 original that was scanned into a computer, enhanced, enlarged, and heat transferred onto swaths of fabric. The entire process took 2.5 years. The TCL Chinese Theatre is also the only IMAX theatre to have a curtain.