We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Elliott Bay on Pier 66 at the Pike Place Market.

2007 06 15 NCL Star Alaska Seattle Pike Place Market Pier 66 drinks

2007 06 15 NCL Star Alaska Seattle Pike Place Market Pier 66 Lupe Fred Phyllis

As we were walking around the streets near the hotel we saw this building that Steve REALLY like. It was Rainier Tower a 31-story, 514.0 ft skyscraper in the Metropolitan Tract of Seattle, Washington, at 1301 Fifth Avenue. It was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, who designed the World Trade Center in New York City as well as the IBM Building, which is on the corner across the street from Rainier Tower to the southeast. Its construction was completed in 1977.

The skyscraper has an unusual appearance, being built atop an 11-storey, 37 m (121 ft) concrete pedestal base that tapers towards ground level, like an inverted pyramid. Locals often refer to it as the “Beaver Building” as its physical appearance looks like a tree being felled by a beaver.

Rainier Tower 31-story, 514.0 ft skyscraper Metropolitan part of Seetle,,1301 5th Ave designed by Minoru Yamasaki, also designed World Trade Center NY unusual appearance, built atop 11-storey 121 ft concrete pedestal base tapers like an inverted pyramid.       2007 06 15 NCL Star Alaska Seattle Rainier Tower