The City of Lansing is offering a “Sizzlin’ Summer Program” at the Lansing High School auditoriums so Steve and I went over for the first program, Drum Safari. I knew the programs were set up for kids but they sounded like fun and a good price @ only $1 per show. Steve on the other hand  didn’t have a clue and decided we needed a kid to be there. Anyway… was fun and we learned a lot about the drums from West Africa. We also learned different rhythms by comparing them with different animals and their movements. Brandon, Teryn and Eva used LARGE pictures of those animals to introduce the rhythms. Then everyone was invited to the stage where they chose a percussion instrument and the jungle jam began. As the rhythms of the animals locked together it became a nice little musical. During the program instruments were exchanged three times so everyone had a chance to use different ones.
2013 06 21 Drum Safari
These are the drums from West Africa and Teryn.
2013 06 21 Drum Safari Teryn
This is Eva. She helped her parents with the signs and rhythms.
2013 06 21 Drum Safari Eva
These are the animal pictures that were used during the program.
2013 06 20 Drum Safari Animals 2  2013 06 20 Drum Safari Animals 3 2013 06 20 Drum Safari Animals
Next Thursday we’re going back to see the juggler. This is the one Steve looking forward to, he’s hoping the juggler is from here and maybe he can schedule some private lessons.

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