Holan found this light for Steve for his Birthday. Since we are leaving for New York and the Southern Caribbean Cruise two days before his birthday she decided to give it to him early. On the box it said “Shower your home with thousands of dazzling lights with the Star Shower laser light! The plug-in laser light that projects stars everywhere. Illuminates your home in red and green laser stars covering over 600 square feet. He was really excited and took it outside to try it out. He placed it on the ground. Then thought it might work better if it was up high, say from the gutter. He gets it placed just so and takes another look. It was just right so he reached up to adjust it. The light then fell and hit his face.

2015 11 08 Eye Steve attack by light

This is what it looks like on a house, but we think they had more than one in this photo. It really is a neat idea and much easier than putting up lights on the trees and bushes.

2015 11 08 Star Shower Light