We are enjoying the back porch while it snows. It is not decorated for Christmas as much this year, just haven’t gotten things out. Maybe it is in the back of our mind that we leave on the 10th of January on an eleven day cruise. Whatever we get out will just have to be put up so soon. It is also another year I didn’t do cards. The world will not end!

Usually the porch is where the Santa collection is displayed, this year the Snowmen have moved into their place.

The new fire pit is making the porch nice and warm. It easily up the temp by ten degrees in about 10 minutes. Makes it toasty warm.

Steve can really crank the flames up giving us heat and light. We, meaning us and Dee, usually go to what I call the Underground for dinner on Wednesday night. It is not a restaurant. The guy who does Meals on Wheels for Leavenworth County does the dinner by email invitation only. We have been attending for over a year. At this time of year, he takes the month off to take care of his catering business. Now we seem to go out twice a week, after my 3:00 physical therapy. Tonight we went down to Kelly’s then stopped by Freddie’s for ice cream to eat around the fire pit.

As we sat there, we started watching how the lights around the hot tube made the area look different. We couldn’t decide if we liked the red or blue best. The other colors were nice but not like those two colors. The reflection of the fire pit makes it look like it is in the middle of the hot tub.

No room this year for a rotating tree in the corner so this little tree took it’s place.

If you look close you can see how windy it is by the flag. Fun evening: dinner, warm fire, Christmas lights and music, ice cream and great conversation.