For my birthday Steve replaced my fitbit. We had gotten fitbits in March and I forgot to take mine off one day in May when we got in the pool. It did not survive. The fitbit had become so much of my everyday life that I had withdrawal pains of not knowing how many steps and stairs I was doing every day. It is so nice to it back on tracking my every move.


Steve gave me flowers for our 42nd anniversary, can you believe we’ve been together that long?!?!

2012 06 06 Anniversary Flowers

Holan also came in with flowers, it’s nice to have all the fresh flowers!!

2012 06 06 Flowers From Holan

The “kids” gave me the planter and the fairy garden – they are so fun and cute. I had tried to do a fairy garden but it wasn’t as nice as this!!

2012 06 06 Animals & Plants

2012 06 06 Fairy Garden

This is a no sugar carrot cake – it was sooooo good!!!

2012 06 06 Happy Birthday Cake

Now that I am 62 I start getting my social security check on Aug 8th. I’m so excited!!!

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