It was a few days late but we celebrated Steve’s 70th Birthday with family and friends. It was an evening filled with food, laughs and good conversation. For the celebration he wanted carrot cake . . . . very good choice with lots of cream cheese icing, his favorite. When it came time to open gifts we it seems we all had the same idea. After all, what do you get the man who doesn’t really have a hobby. Unless you count planning cruises, making list, working out, working in the yard and surfing the web . . . . ok, guess you could count these things as hobbies. Anyway, he does like to play slots and doing scratch off cards. He did VERY well on the last cruise with the slots. He doesn’t do as well with the cards. We all chose to get him scratch off/raffle tickets for his birthday. I gave him 70 cards with values ranging from $1 to $20. Holan and Derek gave him an unbroken chain of 70 cards. Kristie, Steve and Samantha gave him 7 Kansas Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets, one for each decade. It took several weeks for him to get all the cards done and he did get some cash on the cards.

Thinking we might have been off tune a little with the Happy Birthday singing!