On Tuesday June 6, 1950 I was born to Charles and Geneva Rice. I don’t remember

much about the day but have been told that Dad dropped Mom off at the hospital

and went to his job at Minton Machinery. My birth certificate doesn’t have a time

of birth, weight or length and there is no baby book.

Phyllis Rice Baby 2


This is Dad and me in front of our house on Grapevine Road. It was on

the corner and later became Shady Nook Drive-In. The building in the

background is  Fugate Grocery Store where I get my daily fix of popsicles.

I went in several times a day and told them to charge the popsicles and

didn’t understand why Dad cut off my charging abilities. My thoughts

were we didn’t have to pay for the popsicles so why couldn’t I have my

popsicles. Cherry was my favorite.

1951 Phyllis with Dad


This is one of the few pictures I have with my Mom. It was taken on my

first birthday.


1951 Phyllis Geneva Rice


This picture was taken when I was two and I did love my bottle, carried it

everywhere I went. They took my bottle away and I never drank milk again

except for chocolate milk.


Phyllis Rice with bottle and doll

This is me standing on Dad’s car down at the lake. The people Dad worked

for had a cabin at the lake and we spent a lot of time there.


Phyllis Rice Standing on Car

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