During our trip to Hawaii we went to Waikiki Beach several times. On this day, it was our first visit. We had stop for drinks at Hawaiian Hilton Hotel and Hale Koa Hotel. We had Mai Tais at each hotel but the ones at the Hilton were my favorite. At $15 a piece, they should have been good! They also looked good and they didn’t slight you on the booze. After a couple of these I moved onto the Danno, a frozen drink named after the character from Hawaii 5-0.

2013 10 28 Hawaii Hawaiian Hilton Hotel Mai Tai

These are the Mai Tais from Hale Koa Hotel, they were only $9 and also carried a punch! We had a couple here before going to the Hilton

2013 10 28 Hawaii Hale Koa Hotel Mai Tai (2)

By this time we were needing some lunch, I had the Hawaiian Loco Moco. It was a wonderful dish layered with white rice, a burger patty, two fried eggs topped with Maui onion pan gravy. Carmen recommended it and said it was an island favorite. The dish was so good I would have eaten it several more times but this was the only place I saw it on the menu.

2013 10 28 Hawaii Hawaiian Hilton Hotel Lunch Loco Moco


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