There’s this hamburger place in North Kansas City that is open 24/7

and are known most for their little juicy hamburgers with grilled

onions. Steve S. was told about it by a client in Kansas City. Hayes

has been in business since October 1955 and their chili recipe dates

back to 1906. It is a very small restaurant with only six two-person

booths, a lunch counter and they only take cash. The sign on the

wall says they can have 42 people in the building. We counted the

seats and that means 20 people would have to be standing. We

were lucky to find 6 seats at the counter.


2013 06 29 Hayes Hamburgers (2) 

The menu is located on the wall. The single burger is the size of a slider,

the double and triple are two or three singles formed into one patty.

If you are sitting at a table the server will yell at your table from behind

the counter for your order. When your order is ready you are expected

to pick up your order from the bar squeezing between people to grab

your plates or people at the counter will pass your food over to you.

Steve ordered a chocolate shake for Samantha and was told by the

server that if he had time he would make it. Someone at a booth also

ordered a shake and was told “we’re busy so I don’t know if I will have

time.” They both got their shakes but it took a long time.


2013 06 29 Hayes Hamburgers (9)

This is the tip bowl that sits on the counter next to the cash register.

The guys thank everyone who tipped for their support.

2013 06 29 Hayes Hamburgers (1)

This was our food when it came off the grill.

2013 06 29 Hayes Hamburgers (4)

This is my cheese hamburger with onion rings.

2013 06 29 Hayes Hamburgers (7)

Steve S. and I got chili. He added hot sauce and pepper to his and like

it. I didn’t like the texture and it really didn’t have a lot of flavor. It

was ground beef with a few beans and a healthy dose of grease. I pass

mine down to the girls who all tasted it but didn’t eat it all.


2013 06 29 Hayes Hamburgers (5)

Holan got a perm the other day….so what do you think?

2013 06 29 Hayes Hamburgers (6)

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