We were in Time Square and it was 11 o’clock, time for lunch. Holan suggested we have pizza at John’s of Times Square. She had eaten there before and the restaurant has been voted one of New York’s best pizzas because of its unique characteristics. We arrive just as they opened and were seated at a table where we could see the coal-fired brick ovens. By the time we ordered drinks, garlic bread, house salads and pasta dishes there wasn’t an empty table in the restaurant.

2015 11 27 New York Johns Pizzaeria FoodPasta dishes …. yes, we were there for pizza but the pasta sounded good and we were not disappointed. We ate as much as we could but there was just too much food.

2015 11 27 New York Johns Pizzaeria (1)Even Dee, who belongs to the clean plate club, couldn’t finish hers. Holan picked up the tab in honor of her father’s birthday.