One day this summer while in the pool Katie, Bob and Dee were talking about a great place to eat down around Springfield MO. A place where they throw rolls while you are eating.  It is about 3 1/2 hours from us  but just off the highway if you are going to or from Branson. So we stopped in on our way home. The bowl is filled with fried okra.
2012 09 14 Lamberts Group Fried Orka
This is one side of the menu, thought I had scanned both sides but can only find this one.
Lambert's Cafe
It was about 11:15 when we arrived and were seated right away. Ten minutes later there was a long and a 45 minute wait.
2012 09 14 Lamberts Ozark MO Lunch Inside
Lambert’s have what they call “pass arounds” at no charge when you order a meal. The “pass arounds” are brought to your table by servers carrying pots of fried okra, fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatoes, black eyed peas, and sorghum.
2012 09 14 Lamberts Ozark MO Lunch Fried Potato Server2012 09 14 Lamberts Ozark MO Lunch Mac & Cheese Server
This young man must have been a baseball pitcher! There were times he tossed dinners bread and other times he pitched the rolls clear across the dining room. Only one time did we see a roll miss it’s target. The rolls were fresh out of the oven, super soft and would melt in your mouth. A young lady followed the roll thrower with a can of warm sorghum and there was honey on the table to top the rolls with also. Unfortunately, there was just too much other food to really enjoy more than one roll.
2012 09 14 Lamberts Ozark MO Lunch Roll Throwing (2)
2012 09 14 Lamberts Ozark MO Lunch Roll Throwing (3)
2012 09 14 Lamberts Ozark MO Lunch Roll Throwing
This is a fun fact. The Lambert’s in Sikeston made the No. 19 spot on the Travel Channel’s Chow Down Countdown, a list of the 101 best places in America to gorge.
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