Bill and Sue have lived in a lovely home for many, many years. They recently remodeled their kitchen, half bath and laundry room. They did a really nice job designing the layout of the cabinets, selecting the new counter tops, and creating a bright new kitchen. Half of the wall between the kitchen and den was taken down, making the two room look huge. The inspiration piece for the colors was a picture of their grandson’s hand and a heart. Sue’s attention to details could be seen everywhere.

2014 05 20 Ohio Nahumck's Kitchen (1)

2014 05 20 Ohio Nahumck's Kitchen (2)

The half bath off the kitchen is small so finding a sink for the new vanity was a challenge. They found this really neat basin, that is a bowl with a plate under the faucet, so it creates a waterfalls. They used the same counter tops and white cabinets to continue the theme into the bath and laundry room.

2014 05 20 Ohio Nahumck's Bathroom sink 2

2014 05 20 Ohio Nahumck's bathroom sink