Last winter we started talking about changing up the living room by getting a new TV and doing away with the cabinet that surrounded the TV plus all the “stuff” over the cabinet. It was just talk, just couldn’t make that commitment at that time. Finally a couple of weeks ago, Steve started checking the prices of 75 inch Samsung TVs and found some good prices. A trip to Nebraska Furniture started the search for the TV and recliners.

While comparing the TVs, it became clear that it wouldn’t cost that much more to put up an 82 inch Samsung Q60. And it was not that much bigger to go larger. On a trip to the PX, we found the same 82 Q60 Samsung from Nebraska to be $400 cheaper and we didn’t have to pay sales tax. Next thing was would it fit in the van . . . . and it did.

Kristie and Steve gave us the name of the person, Tracy, who had installed their TVs in their old house and the new house. Kristie warned us he was in high demand and it could take a while to get him in to do the work. A quick call on a Sunday evening and Tracy was booked for a quote for the work.

On the Monday morning about 2:30 or so, we picked Steve up at the airport. After a few hours of sleep, he and Steve took down the shelf. We were very surprised when the painters, Brandon and Jason, were called they could come on Wednesday to paint the wall. Tracy was scheduled for Thursday so everything came together very nicely.

Tracy arrived and marked the measurements of the TV and sound bar on the wall. This gave us time to adjust to the bare wall and decide if we like the marked locations.

Tracy and Bryce arrived on Monday, the 25th for the install. The TV was unboxed.

The TV mount was put on the wall with the HDMI and cable cords fished into the wall.

The new sound system is a Sonos Playbar, paired with a wireless Sonos Sub woofer, for added bass, and a pair of wireless Sonos rear speakers for full 5.1 surround sound.

Tracy spent a couple of hours setting up the various app accounts on the remotes, TV and training us on how to use the TV and Smart Hub. It’s almost been a week and we are enjoying our new toy. It doesn’t seem as big as we thought it would be.

We continue on our search for new recliners. Hours have been spent sitting in chairs in different stores and we still haven’t found the one we are willing to buy yet.