With the country facing economic catastrophe and the world between two wars, John D. Rockefeller’s vision for his center never wavered. Rockefeller Center and the observation deck were his gifts to Manhattan – a place for locals and visitors to marvel at the city he loved. We had heard that getting to Top of the Rock would take some time since there is always a long line. We did have the fast pass ticket so we were hoping it wouldn’t take too long. It had been raining some all morning. When we got to 30 Rock there was no line so we went immediately. Have you seen that iconic image of construction workers having lunch on a beam? That happened here when we got to the entrance. We walked in their footsteps on the interactive Beam Walk and our photos taken.


We got into the elevator and the lights dimmed.That was because a dazzling production was soon to follow. We stepped onto the Schindler High-Speed Traction sky shuttle, and right after the doors shut, the darkened elevator erupts into a variety of colored lights. The ceiling transformed into a screen that showcases historic images. Forty-three seconds later, the door to the 67th floor opens to the glamorous, Swarovski-bedecked space, which stretches three floors higher, all connected by Schindler escalators. Even though the clouds were hanging low, the three floors of indoor and outdoor decks offer stunning panoramas of the city’s energy, wonder, and beauty. On the 67th floor, we relax in comfortable seating to rest our backs and feet and to enjoy views through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Use the binoculars to explore the unobstructed views through glass panels on the 67th and 69th floors, and in the open air on the 70th floor.

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