San Francisco spends $165 million a year trying to get homeless people off the streets and into a better life. Everywhere you look there are homeless people with their carts and some with their dogs. I kept wondering why in the world, if you are homeless, would you have a dog. Then it comes to mind that dog lovers, would give a homeless person money to buy food for a dog but wouldn’t give a handout to a person without a dog. In fact, we did meet a very nice young couple while visiting the Castro area. At first, we did not realize that they were homeless. The young girl was trying to get their puppy to eat from his dish filled with a small amount of food. After having a very nice conversation about the puppy and what we were enjoying about the city, the young man, as we prepared to part ways, asked if we might have a few coins we could spare. Steve gave them a few dollars.

This first picture was taken from a trolly. It was the end of the day and we were on the way back to the hotel for a break. These homeless people seem to be meeting for their “happy hour”, sharing their days and perhaps waiting for a free meal truck to deliver dinner.


It didn't take much time to see the homeless of San Fransico.

As we head out on the ferry to Alcatraz, we saw this “home” and thought it was interesting with the “furnishings”.

2013 09 09 SF Homeless Pier Home

As we were sitting in Applebee’s we watched this homeless man approach the two young girls at the ATM. It appeared he was looking for a hand out. Something else caught our eye so we didn’t see if they gave him anything. He walked off and continued down the street.

2013 09 09 SF Homeless Fishermen's Wharf (1)

2013 09 09 SF Homeless Fishermen's Wharf (2)