Yes. It may not be one of the prettier parts of the city, but riding the Subway is always an adventure, just make sure you’re going in the direction you want to be going. Up and down the stairs we went, trying to decide if we were going uptown or downtown. Which train did we need to take to get to the place we wanted to be.

2015 11 27 New York Grand Central Station Holan FredWe purchased a seven-day unlimited pass for $32. It was a great savings. We learned very quickly that you had to push the ticket a certain way for them to work. Only once did we lose someone. We were headed back to the hotel one night, went though the turnstiles and was ready to get on the train. Then realized we didn’t see Dee anywhere. She had problems sliding her ticket and was trying different turnstiles. She happened to be behind a post so we couldn’t see her and she couldn’t see us either. Her card was a little bent on a corner which turned out to be the problem.


Several times, we saw musicians performing on the platforms.

2015 11 29 New York Subway Entertainer

The New York charm bracelets were purchased at the Statue of Liberty, we all thought they were good souvenirs for our trip.

2015 11 29 New York Subway Bracelets

At one subway entrance there were several characters you could have your photo taken with for a small price.

2015 11 27 New York Subway Holan2015 11 27 New York Subway Dee

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