The world-renowned Tiffany & Co. store at the corner of Fifth Avenue & 57th Street opened its doors for business on October 21, 1940. The granite and limestone building, with Art Deco influences and stainless steel doors, adorned with a nine-foot bronzed figure of Atlas shouldering a clock.

2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co Window 2 2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co WindowMost people have heard of the little blue box, shown in the front windows, that comes from Tiffany and Company. One usually associates the box with expensive jewelry, but they also sell timepieces, sterling silverware, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances and accessories.

2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co Store DisplayThe store was beautifully decorated for Christmas and had a large crowd of tourist looking around. Made me wonder how the “true” shoppers felt about so many people “just browsing” taking the time o sale people who could be waiting on them.

2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co (1)

We browsed the exquisite creations in the display cases. Two women and a man were sitting on velvety chairs at a display case, looking at diamonds as they sipped on champagne. A sales person directed us to go upstairs to explore more of the store.The elevator operator, wearing a Tiffany tie, was very nice and visited during our short ride. Upstairs we found more decorations and many treasures, but none that we wanted to purchase

2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co Christmas Tree 3 2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co Christmas Tree 2

This is the view from the third floor looking out to Central Park.

2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co View Central Park 2Upon returning to the first floor, a nice gentleman explained to us the history of The Tiffany Diamond. Everyone in the store was very helpful and more than happy to share stories and information about Tiffany’s. We were told the story of the Tiffany Diamond. The 128.54-carat stone is one of the world’s largest and finest fancy yellow diamonds. In 2012 Tiffany, marking its’ 175 years of design excellence, the diamond was set in a spectacular diamond and platinum necklace. As we looked at it, we wondered, with it being insured by five insurance companies at an undetermined amount, were we looking at the real diamond necklace? Cannot imagine that it would be guarded by a single person wearing a Tiffany tie.

2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co Yellow Diamond (2)Tiffany’s had a pretty yellow diamond adorning the side of their building for Christmas.

2015 12 11 New York Tiffany & Co (4)