Entering Trump Tower, we were walking onto the corridor set of The Apprentice TV show. The Tower is every bit as impressive as you would expect from Trump. 2015 12 11 New York Trump Tower (1)Donald Trump lives in the three-story penthouse and elevators on the right side of the atrium go into the Trump offices.

2015 12 11 New York Trump Tower ElevatorsNew York City issued a special permit to add more than 100,000 square feet to the 50 story building in exchange for public spaces in the property. The city owns the atrium, operating it and the stores located there. They have a food court in the lower level beside the Trump Grille Restaurant and a Starbucks on the upper level. Trump put in two merchandise kiosks in the atrium, where you can purchase Trump-branded merchandise, ranging from ties to the real estate mogul’s book, and also take campaign contributions. The city is trying to get him to remove them, saying they are outside of their agreement. The building was nicely decorated for the holidays.

2015 12 11 New York Trump Tower Front Doors 2015 12 11 New York Trump Tower Public Cafe2015 12 11 New York Trump Tower Grill Menu